Spain Cookery Masterclass for children
Madrid, January 18, 2020
Vegetables and legumes
" It was beautiful .. to see the pride and satisfaction each child felt for what they had cooked "

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs stars were the children who topped the bill in this “Vegetables and Legumes” Masterclass.

Our Mediterranean Diet

The importance of enjoying a balanced diet which is healthy and natural is important for children to appreciate - especially the benefits. Traditional stews using vegetables and legumes that can be cooked at home became the theme for our 2020 Masterclass.

Arriving on a cold, rainy morning the children were ready to start. Donning aprons they listened to Chef Miguel Ángel Mateos explain good cooking habits and the challenge, namely to prepare the best dish using only legumes and vegetables. Everyone had the right cooking utensils and a selection of ingredients including a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil plus a dad or mum on hand as well.

What the children of the Chaîne cooked

How to describe what they prepared? Delicious, richly-flavoured stews created with love. Diplomas accrediting the activity were presented. Every minute was thoroughly enjoyed resulting in very proud young chefs in the making.

It was beautiful as we sat down to eat to see the pride and satisfaction each child felt for what they had cooked. Everyone wanted their dish near them.

Our aim with these initiatives is to awaken a love for cooking, to encourage children to dare to try new things at home to enrich their diet. Result: a very appreciative body.

Special thanks from the Bailliage of Spain went to those who supported this Masterclass:

Jamón Joselito
For beautiful aprons which the children have promised to take care of and, most importantly, to use when they help to cook at home. Many adults wanted one too!

Firo Vázquez
For his “Flor de Cuquillo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Restaurante El Olivar in Moratalla, Murcia.

La Regañá Don Pelayo
For artisan bread creations, which are usually eaten without food ahead of the courses.

Alidis Viña Mambrilla and Vinos Jeromín
For the wine provided for the adults.

Thank you also to César González, Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique of Madrid, for the photos capturing a precious visual memory.

Vive la Chaîne!

Abel González
Chargé de Missions