USA Cruise 2020
Bailliage of Hillsborough
From Dover (England) to Lisbon (Portugal), September 12-26, 2020
Harbours of Western Europe

Bailli Michael Kalkstein and the Bailliage of Hillsborough invite you to sail from Dover in England to Lisbon in Portugal.

Celebrate international Chaîne camaraderie aboard the Seabourn Ovation with its unparalleled hospitality and culinary and wine delights!

Click this link for the outline of what is proposed: programme

For further information and booking details please contact Chevalier Ken Neibaur at Travel Edge, La Jolla and Northern California

Telephone: +1 (650) 473-8502 (International) or 1-800-869-0674 (USA only)


1. Stylised view of a cruise ship
2. White Cliffs of Dover, England
3. Lisbon, Portugal