France Dinner
Bailliage of Gironde
Bordeaux, February 22, 2020
Chinese cuisine themed event
" twenty or so members met at the Restaurant Quanjude "

The Bailliage got the year off to a good start by organising a Chinese-themed dinner for its members to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

To celebrate the start of the Year of the Rat, twenty or so members met at the Restaurant Quanjude*, famous for its Peking roast duck.


“Selection of Chinese steamed dumplings”
Traditional home-made dumplings
with duck, prawn and courgette
house dressing

Slow-cooked pork belly
from the Mounts of Cantal
pig’s trotter relish with pineapple chutney
sweet and sour pork jus

Chocolate tart
almond and coconut praline
Jivara and Galangal whipped cream
ginger confit, Tonka bean ice cream


Exotic baba cake
infused with Mei Gui Lu Jiu
vanilla whipped cream
mango and passion fruit sorbet


Deutz Brut - AOC Champagne
Château Vimont 2018 - AOC Graves Blanc
Château Puygueraud - AOC Francs Côtes de Bordeaux

Our group was treated to an interesting and enjoyable introduction to the art of Chinese cuisine in our region, and we look forward to meeting up again soon for more culinary adventures.

* History of Quanjude
Quanjude was founded in 1864. The founder, Yang Quanren, began his career selling poultry and ducks at markets. He found that he was very good at selling ducks and his business flourished. Every day, on his way to set up his market stall, he went past a dried fruit shop called “Dejuquan”. The shop was about to shut down so Yang Quanren seized the opportunity and used all his savings to buy it.

A geomancer declared that this shop was located on a geomantic treasure and that the bad luck of the past would be hard to shake off unless the old name of “Dejuquan” was changed to Quanjude.

Quanjude is now a Chinese restaurant renowned for its “Quanjude Peking roast duck”. The Quanjude Group is the largest restaurant group in Beijing and even China. It is also an exemplary brand that combines Beijing’s historic culture and the concept of modern gastronomic culture. In Bordeaux, the Quanjude restaurant looks forward to welcoming you to introduce you to the perfect fusion of the two.