Croatia - Boskinac
Hotel, restaurant and winery on the island of Pag
Maître Hôtelier Boris Suljić, his wife Mirela and their courteous staff

The small Croatian island of Pag in the Adriatic Sea is home to the family-run Boškinac hotel, restaurant and winery run by Boris Šuljić who was inducted as a Maître Hôtelier at the Bailliage’s inaugural Chapitre early in 2019.

Are you looking to escape to a place where the scents of sage and savory surround you? To dive into peace and quiet, and daydream under the baldachin near the dense pine wood, or at the edge of the vineyard or olive grove? Be careful what you wish for, as Boškinac can create a lasting addiction, be it to the explosion of flavours, the enticing fragrance of the wines, or the view over the fields that give a glimpse back into days gone by.

Hidden in a vineyard, adjacent to an olive grove and pervaded by the fragrance of pine trees and pungent herbs, Boškinac is a fragrant oasis amid the predominantly moonlike landscape of this rocky island. Created to continue centuries of tradition, it has magnificent views together with an atmosphere embraced by the magic of the island.

The hotel is small - it has eight spacious, stylishly-designed rooms and three suites, each of which has its own colour theme and tells a tale of the island. The 60-seat restaurant serves a menu featuring traditional island specialities interpreted in a modern and creative way. It respects the culinary heritage of the island, with a wide selection of fish and lamb dishes, cheeses, prosciutto and other fresh, seasonal ingredients, with olive oil, herbs and honey. The restaurant is remembered as a place of unrepeatable experiences and memories.

The Boškinac is particularly proud of its winery and wine cellar, where premium varieties of wine and high-quality brandies are made. Indeed, the wine cellar has long been the backbone of the lives of the Šuljić and Boškinac families. Wines have been nurtured here for centuries, although the varieties of grape have changed.

Some ten years ago, a new period in the vineyard’s history began. The Boškinac Winery was built in 2000, and that same year a new vineyard was planted nearby aiming to conserve the indigenous grape variety, Gegić. Grafts were taken from the old vines to populate the new vineyard and to ensure that wine lovers around the world are able to continue to enjoy the most unique product of this island.

Boris Šuljić, who describes himself as a true lover of good wine, is also dedicated to further research of this historic wine. “Every wine leaves room for exploration, this is always an ongoing process. Gegić also offers excitement, and the story of this wine continues.”

The Boškinac Winery has long been reputed as one of Croatia’s best. Its wines are poured in the most prestigious restaurants and have received many national awards and recognitions.

The vineyard cultivates red and white grape varieties and the cellar is best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines and, of course, Gegić, the dry white wine produced from the variety of the same name. This is a gentle aperitif with light floral and mineral aromas and a moderate alcohol content.

The Boškinac also has a long tradition of distilling brandies and the forefathers of the Šuljić and Boškinac families emphasised the healing powers of the drink for the body and the soul.

Amanda Roberts
Editor, Revue internationale de la Chaîne