Denmark - Brian Mark Hansen
& Søllerod Kro, Holte (Copenhagen)
One of Denmark's most prominent culinary artists
" There is no shortage of solidarity, pride and energy at Søllerød Kro "

Head Chef of Copenhagen's historic Søllerod Kro, Conseiller Culinaire Brian Mark Hansen has his own unique style of cooking and is considered one of Denmark's most prominent culinary artists.

He had previously worked at Ruths Hotel in Skagen and Kong Hans Kælder, and he was a Sous Chef at Søllerød Kro from 2007 to 2011. He then moved on to be Head Chef at Christiansholm in Klampenborg before returning to Søllerød Kro in 2013.

Brian has participated in several cooking competitions and has among other things distinguished himself by coming in second place at two competitions, “Chef of the Year 2010” and “Bocuse d´Or Denmark 2013.

Nominated as a Maître Rôtisseur member of the Chaîne in February 2018, Brian Mark was promoted in November 2019 to be Conseiller Culinaire of the Bailliage of Denmark.

The Brian Mark style
It is difficult to pigeonhole Brian’s culinary style as one tradition or another. He told the Revue it could have its foundations in French or Nordic cooking, although he draws inspiration from around the world.

However, the geographical foundations for his food are not as important as the season. “I use whatever suits me in the season and that is what I fully respect,” he says. “I think it would be most accurate to call it the Brian Mark style!”

A strong team spirit
As soon as you are greeted by the team at Søllerød Kro you immediately get the sense that everyone cares deeply about the inn.

The inn’s classic virtues are reflected in the staff members who go about their work with a twinkle in the eye and bright smiles for the guests as well as each other.

There is no shortage of solidarity, pride and energy at Søllerød Kro. Everyone works passionately to make refinements to ensure that guests always get an unforgettable and meticulously planned experience from start to finish.

The menu at Søllerød Kro is well known for featuring the best local, seasonal produce, often collected by the chefs themselves. They make the most of the ingredients yielded by the nearby forest and can be found picking herbs, flowers, and of course hunting for truffles. “When it is truffle season they are always on the menu.”

Brian says the main purpose of his food is to please his guests and give them happy memories they can look back on, so the entire team is focused on delivering the best service with a smile.

This is about so much more than simply hiring the best chefs and most talented students; it is a team of happy professionals who every day direct their skill and energy into creating a special dining experience for the guest. “I could hire the world’s most talented chef, but if that person isn’t a team player and doesn’t fit into the team we can’t use them.”

Søllerød Kro
Søllerød Kro opened its doors to its first guests in 1677. Nestled between the church, castle and a forest and overlooking the village pond, Søllerød Kro served locals and travellers.

Its popularity was boosted by the arrival of the motorcar in the 1920s, when it became a destination for day-trippers.

Today, the building is a listed site. Søllerød Kro received its first Michelin Star in 1987 and has had a star in the Michelin Guide every year since 2007.

Amanda Roberts
Editor, Revue internationale de la Chaîne