Slovenia Dinner
Ljubljana, January 30, 2020
Bistro Monstera excels once again!
" a parade of exceptional flavours "

For an establishment with an Owner/Head Chef such as Maître Restaurateur Bine Volčič expectations are always even greater than usual. And this time at his Bistro Monstera in Ljubljana they were certainly reaffirmed as we experienced a parade of exceptional flavours which had their foundations in superior knowledge and cooking techniques.

At the reception we enjoyed 2018 Gasper sparkling wine, light, fresh and very drinkable. It is produced only from Chardonnay grapes with secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks - the “charmat” method. Gašper Čarman, the owner of Gasper Wines, is one of the greatest wine connoisseurs in Slovenia and twice named Best Sommelier of Slovenia (in 2013 and 2015). Accompanying the wine were small profiteroles stuffed with apple and chard and topped with slices of roasted deer tongue.


Roasted red onions, kefir with roasted garlic,
lime Spanish breeze with onion jam
Gasper Rebula 2016 - Goriska Brda

Marinated trout on lentils
smoked trout spread, trout roe
mayonnaise with eggplant
St Martin Pinela 2016 - Vipava Valley

House ravioli with cream cheese, walnuts and chives
creamed cauliflower, chicory, horseradish
Zorjan Rhine Riesling 2016 - Slovenian Styria

Pumpkin gnocchi
rabbit liver with white grapes and mustard
Zorjan Rhine Riesling 2016 - Slovenian Styria

Grilled duck in pulled dough
apple crème brûlée, pickled red beets
Gordia Red 2015 - Primorska

Monstera special sorbet

Poached pear
ganache of white chocolate with walnuts
meringue with Sichuan pepper
rosemary ice cream

With this dinner Bine Volčič excelled in displaying his mastery not only through the perfect flavours and knowledge of different cooking techniques, but also by the presentation on the plate.

Prof Dr Janez Bogataj
Consellier Gastronomique

Photos courtesy of Ales Knoll, Chevalier