France - three committed members
Paris, April 13, 2020
Coronavirus: people in chef's whites helping people in white coats
" Well done .. to all the Chaîne members who have become involved in this fight against coronavirus! "

In order to support medical staff, some chefs and artisans have joined forces to form a collective called “Solidaire” to provide meals for hospital staff. They collect food from supermarkets and deliver meals throughout the region of Île-de-France.

I would like to introduce two such chefs who are helping hospital staff.

Maître Rôtisseur Maxime Salvi
I’ll begin with a talented young chef, Maxime Salvi, Maître Rôtisseur, a new member of the Chaîne and recipient of the “Jeune Talent Gault & Millau” award. He is the owner and Executive Chef of “Et Toque” in Puteaux, Île-de-France and the restaurant has been a huge success since it opened just a few months ago.

A busy man, he is a member of the “Collectif Solidaire” association, which makes meals to support healthcare staff at work.

Like Chef Maxime, around 50 volunteer chefs prepare more than 2,000 meals a day to sustain the energy of intensive care staff in Paris’s hospitals. In the evenings, young Chef Maxime delivers his meals himself to Hôpital Foch, not far from his restaurant.

Maître Rôtisseur Steven Rouquier
Then there is Chef Steven Rouquier, another new member and Maître Rôtisseur, a chef at the “Les Fous de l’Île” restaurant. The restaurant provides meals for the Saint Joseph hospital group in Paris.

The “Les Fous de Bazan” group has been in the catering market since 2003 starting with its “Le Christine” restaurant. In 2008, Boris and Émilie Bazan decided to embark on a new adventure with “Les Fous de l'Île”. The group’s second restaurant, with its brasserie ambience, soon became a popular destination on the Île Saint-Louis for fans of excellent meat. It stands out thanks to its eclectic clientèle, keen to discover French flavours.

Also worthy of a mention…

Martial Mignet, Bailli Provincial Honoraire
It’s also worth mentioning the changes implemented by the company S.D.A. (Sellerie Décoration Aménagements), one of the businesses belonging to Martial Mignet, Bailli Provincial Honoraire. This aeroplane and boat upholstery business in Mérignac in the Bordeaux region has been converted into one that makes reusable face masks which are certified level 1 and 2 by the French military procurement department, the “Direction Générale de l’Armement”, which they are selling at cost price!

Martial received a visit from leading officials of the Gironde départment to the company, who congratulated him for his initiative.

A pilot fascinated by viticulture, Martial Mignet bought the “Château l’Argilus du Roi” estate in Saint-Estèphe in 2010. The estate was founded in 2004 by a former winegrower for Mouton Rothschild.

Since becoming the owner, Martial has continued to combine tradition with modernity on his 5-hectare plot. Gravelly, stony, sandy soil, close to Gironde and with the Atlantic behind it, the land boasts some incredible diversity, producing intense, full-bodied wines.

Well done to these three members, and to all the Chaîne members who have become involved in this fight against coronavirus!

Laurent Poultier du Mesnil
Bailli Délégué


1. Maître Rotisseur Maxime Salvi
2. Maître Rôtisseur Stephan Rouquier
3. Martial Mignet, Bailli Provincial Honoraire