Hungary - Supporting healthcare workers
Budapest, April 15, 2020
Top chefs cook 120 portions of a two-course lunch each day
" Heartfelt thanks go to all those involved "

Top chefs, including Chaîne members, at the instigation of the Bocuse d’Or Academy of Hungary, decided to support doctors and nursing staff on duty in certain hospitals and social care institutions.

The amazing team’s commitment is to cook 120 portions of a two-course lunch each day for the healthcare workers. The project commenced on March 31st. The ingredients and the kitchen facilities are provided by METRO*, our Chaîne member establishment and Bailliage sponsor.

The team organised the transportation as well. The lunch boxes are delivered directly to the recipients.

For instance, recently 120 servings were prepared of Székely cabbage and a hearty portion of apple pie. The team comprised Wolf András (Executive Chef, Symbol Budapest), Lőrinc Both (Sous Chef, Borkonyha),  János Mizsei (Chef, Mák Bistro). So, it was an accomplished team which prepared these delicious dishes.

Click here to watch the video on Facebook of the chefs in action [Ed. From the video, the apple pie looks very good indeed!]

The food went to SOTE Emergency Patient Care. Another consignment in the past days, for example, has gone to St George's Hospital in Fejér County which received a delivery for doctors, nurses and ambulance staff.

Ákos Bösze, Officier, METRO's Manager is providing the ingredients and kitchen facility. The Chaîne Professional members regularly taking part in the solidarity action are:
- Lázár Kovács, Conseiller Culinaire
- Csaba Ádám, Officier Maître Rôtisseur
- Attila Molnár, Officier Maître Restaurateur
- Sándor Nyíri, Maître Rôtisseur

Heartfelt thanks go to all those involved for the inspiration and initiative to set this worthwhile project in motion.

Iván Novák
Bailli Délégué

METRO is Hungary's leading food wholesaler, one of the oldest key players in the Hungarian commercial market (since 1993), a partner of entrepreneurs and institutions, offering quality products and business solutions at favourable prices. METRO Gastro Academy was established as a complementary business to host professional trainings and events in a modern and innovative environment. The Academy’s specialities are not only the professional venue and the show kitchen, but also the varied event possibilities.