World Chaîne Day Editorial
April 25, 2020
" Social media and video conferencing were crucial to the success "

Congratulations to everyone who enthusiastically and innovatively participated thus making World Chaîne Day so special this year - a very different event given the lockdown situation throughout the world.

Much praise must go to my International Board colleague Ari-Pekka Parviainen and his team who masterfully coordinated the event from their headquarters in Finland.

Social media and video conferencing were crucial to the success. The Social Media Wall was very well supported in its specially developed guise to suit home-based celebrations.

Cooking at home and sharing the experience virtually was also a key element in the success. China amongst others even organised a competition. Bravo to all those who took part.

As nearly all of us remain temporarily grounded, I often find myself revisiting the memories of past Chaîne experiences. Hence the recent “Remembering 2005” article published on the Chaîne News On-line website.

However, perhaps no memory is ever as powerful and enduring as discovering something for the first time. It’s an irreplaceable moment that conjures unparalleled feelings of delight and belonging.

To rephrase an old saying: the first time is often a magical one. The “magic” that was World Chaîne Day 2020 could be seen by all virtually on the Social Media Wall and elsewhere on the internet.

Marie Jones
Managing Editor