Switzerland Dinner
Bailliage of Soleure
Riedholz, March 15, 2020
A last opportunity to 'break bread'
" Angelika and Daniel Hinzer gave us a warm, attentive welcome "

On 15 March, a group of members and their like-minded guests gathered at the Zur Post Restaurant in Riedholz for what might be the last meeting for a long time. Corona was probably there too, but it was lovely to spend a few hours being “normal”.

We enjoyed a delightful meal, consisting of several dishes, in a private room with a table big enough to allow sufficient space between each participant. Serious discussions were interspersed with plenty of laughter and friendly banter - something that has been missing recently and which we will continue to miss for the foreseeable future.

Our restaurants have been hit hard and are having to turn down banquet requests as a maximum of 50 people only - including staff – are now allowed to be hosted on their premises, and restrictions are becoming even tighter.

We are all happy that we were able to attend this event.

Angelika and Daniel Hinzer gave us a warm, attentive welcome, and we extend our special thanks to these two hospitality experts who looked after us so well.

The bouillabaisse was once again absolutely exquisite! Dessert was a pineapple cocktail with lemon cream and sorbet, bringing the meal to a close on a refreshing note.

Our National “Spring” Grand Chapitre from 1 to 3 May has been cancelled, as have the upcoming events that we were looking forward to.

We would like to wish you all good health and plenty of resilience, and we hope that you are surrounded by people who can support you through this very difficult time and who understand all of your individual concerns and needs.

With that in mind, long live the Chaîne!
Gilbert Ernst, Bailli
Ursula dos Santos, Vice-Chargée de Missions

Restaurant zur Post

The restaurant in fact started life in the mid-1800s under the first generation of ownership as the premises of the local privately-run postal service. The building became a restaurant at the end of the 19th century. Angelika and Daniel Hinzer took over the business in 2008 thus becoming the sixth generation owners. Daniel joined the Chaîne as a Maître Rôtisseur in February 2014.

In view of the current coronavirus lockdown situation, from April 19th the Hinzers has been offering a take away service. From Monday to Friday customers can purchase freshly-cooked lunches. Angelika and Daniel are promoting the service by saying "we cook a delicious lunch for you so that you can enjoy it at home or work."

A weekly menu - including a selection of wines and other drinks - is available on the restaurant’s website: www.restaurantzurpost.ch. A vegetarian option is available.

Customers order by phone or e-mail before 10am, they are then given a time slot for picking up the order. The food is served either in single-use dishes or returnable porcelain plates.