Belgium Sunday Apéritif
April 26, 2020
Launch of the first 'Apéro du dimanche'
" The ambiance was brilliant "

On Sunday, April 26, in the Bailliage of Belgium we held our first “Apéro du dimanche” at the same time celebrating World Chaîne Day 2020.

Members had previously been circulated as follows:

Dear Members of the Chaîne

These are challenging times for everyone.

More than ever, we need the blissful networking moments, which is why we decided to set up a “drop in when you can” weekly digital event called "Apéro du Dimanche!” which is for members only. The aim is to get to know each other well in the Bailliage and of course to share the “art de la table” albeit virtually. Everyone has to come with their favourite aperitif or snack to “share”.

We always build in a topic from one of our members.

You will receive a login for Zoom by email every week on Friday.

For the first on-line event about 20 people logged in. We encouraged Maître Rôtisseur Bart Tanghe, who is our food photographer, to make sure that we win first prize in the World Chaîne Day picture competition. Last year we won 3rd prize so we are aspiring higher for 2020!

Everyone was very creative with the aperitif they brought.

The first member to make a presentation was Chargée de Missions Dominique Crombé of D-winecoach who took us to the Champagne region with a special cuvée of Mailly Champagne.

The ambiance was brilliant. People reconnected after several years, new members who had recently joined were welcomed.

Ilse Duponcheel
Bailli Délégué