World Chaîne Day in review
April 25, 2020
A most successful event on social media
" happiness and joy was clearly evident in the pictures "

Everything around us changed so suddenly. A very familiar phrase for these times and it changed World Chaîne Day (WCD) totally!

Everything all over the world was being cancelled, but the decision not to cancel WCD was easy. On reflection I am confident that it was right decision. We had very short time period in which to develop new ideas and redesign the event. It was important to think carefully as to what clear message to communicate so as not to cause discrepancy with regulations, instructions and advice from the authorities concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of the day, this was easy: stay home, raise spirits, feel the extraordinary moment of togetherness which only Chaîne membership can provide you. Basic ideas, simple to fulfil.

In short: this was the most successful World Chaîne Day on social media.

A global feeling of sympathy was forwarded clearly through hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

Reunion restrictions seemed to be followed to the letter around the world. And still, happiness and joy was clearly evident in the pictures.

One bond was connecting everyone - Chaîne membership. Ribbons, signs and plaques were very visible.

Technically everything worked perfectly. Twitter and Instagram postings appeared in profusion on the Social Wall. Our marketing idea with the smiling chef making a heart with fingers spread widely, trending even with new versions appearing in some countries.

Chevalier Jani Kinnunen from Tampere, Finland, deserves a special thank you. He was the mastermind behind the marketing campaign on social media which raised engagement significantly.

A company called Taeggie Oy was in charge of the technical implementation of the Social Wall, my thanks to them too. Everything worked smoothly.

Now our Photo Competition jury has started work on selecting the winners. Because of the restrictions in place there aren’t any categories this year. The jury will simply choose the best pictures reflecting this very unusual period.

Vive la Chaîne!

Ari-Pekka Parviainen
Member of the Conseil d’Administration
Chair, World Chaîne Day Organising Committee