Finland World Chaîne Day
April 25, 2020
Celebrating in the 'mother country'
" the appetite and enthusiasm for World Chaîne Day in Finland has certainly not diminished "

It was of course in Finland that the concept of a “Chaîne Day” was developed. Nationally, Bailliages around the country celebrated the dedicated day in 2014 before the idea was taken internationally the following year. And the rest as the say is history!

Some 40 countries took part or supported the first World Chaîne Day held in September 2015. The day started with the sunrise and a breakfast in New Zealand ending with a sunset cocktail party in the Cook Islands. In 2016 the date was changed to April.

Given it is the “mother country” the appetite and enthusiasm for World Chaîne Day in Finland has certainly not diminished. Far from it!

As one member enthused, “Saturday was world ‘stay at home’ day for gastronomes and Professionals alike. We participated by ordering a cook at home menu from a Chaîne Professional member establishment. We were brought ready-made menu ingredients. Cooking was easy because everything was pre-prepared. Essentially all there was to do was the presentation on the plates, oh and heating of the main course. With many Chaîne establishments offering a takeaway service it was easy to obtain the day's food. And how delicious it was too! All the while we were supporting our Professionals through this challenging time when they can have no diners in-house.”

Below is but a very small cross-section of comments seen on the Social Media Wall from members around the local Bailliages in Finland.

Summarising the approach to the day’s events, @rotisseursfinland posted on Instagram “we might be forced to keep a social distance from our Chaîne friends but nothing can keep us from enjoying life with good food and wine. This situation is something we’ll survive together. Let’s be reassured better days will follow. Vive la Chaîne!”

Marie Jones
Managing Editor

Chef Rôtisseur Mikko Juhani Kemppainen of Espoo Catering wished everyone Happy World Chaîne Day! As did Dame de la Chaîne Hannele Multamäki.

Vice-Argentier Mira Saartio announced that she had just made Karelian pirogs (pies) at home and that they turned out to be delicious! [Ed. Well done Mira! We don’t know which ones she made but the most familiar version has a thin rye crust with a filling of rice. Mashed potato and rice-and-carrot fillings are also commonly available. Butter, often mixed with chopped-up boiled egg is spread over the hot pies before eating.]

Vice-Chargée de Missions Tarja Koikkalainen started her menu with chicken two ways: French coq au vin and Belgian waterzooi. [Ed. Sounds delicious]

Chevalier Marko Laine wished “Happy World Chaîne Day 2020” to everyone. A special part of his personal celebration was chocolate ganache with Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2015.

In Lahti Restaurant Roux is located in the city centre, near City Hall. Head Chef and co-owner Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire Sami Häkkinen was prominent on the Social Media Wall. The restaurant building was once a pharmacy. It specialises in Finnish and Nordic cuisine.

For Bailli Martti Kotakorva World Chaîne Day was also “Rôtisseurs Reindeer Day”. The star dish of his stay at home menu was reindeer from Raattama, a Lapland village which is well known for its local reindeer meat, fish, berries and handicrafts.

Maître Rôtisseur Jani Unkeri of Ravintola Juurella in Seinäjoki was understandably sad that his restaurant was shut on the Chaîne’s special day. Nevertheless they were offering a pick-up lunch service and supplying delicious everyday ready-to-eat food products for a local supermarket.

Maître Rôtisseur Janne Tirri, and Chef de Table Mervi Kröger at the Kuopio Club were proud to maintain the tradition of celebrating World Chaîne Day, even though it was having to be done safely at home.

Elsewhere in Kuopio Chevalier Eero Karjalainen was seen to be having a serious barbecue outdoors at his home!

The spiritual home of Chaîne Day as it was in Tampere that the concept was first put forward.

Dame de la Chaîne Eveliina Hakala and Rôtisseur Heikli Pentillä celebrated at home in good company - each other! Excellent food was provided by Armas Catering in collaboration with Ravintola C and Ravintola Suomalainen Klubi – owned by Échanson Christina Suominen [Ed. Who has of course recently been nominated as a member of the Junior Sommeliers Competition Technical Committee]

Pair de la Chaîne Bing Tan conjured up a menu themed on Riesling and herbs.

Chevalier Jaakko Laakso made a “Wellington” out of lightly-smoked and sous-vided venison striploin. He said that a chicken version turned out very nice also. Some roast veggies and a Calvados parsnip purée accompanied. The celebratory meal was finished off with traditional tarte Tatin with a twist of lime.