Germany World Chaîne Day
April 25, 2020
Celebrations at home
" it was an amazing World Chaîne Day "

The Bailliage of Germany spent an unusual day/evening on April 25th celebrating World Chaîne Day.

Many of our members did their cooking at home, as all planned events were cancelled. The photos give an impression on the capacity and ability of the members. They show the creative possibilities of our Non-professionals.

On the other hand I am sure we will be happy to go back to normal as soon as is possible and let our Professional members spoil us.

Anyway, it was an amazing World Chaîne Day.

Vive la Chaîne!

Klaus Tritschler
Bailli Délégué

Ed. National officers seen celebrating in the photos …

Bailli Délégué Klaus Tritschler celebrated at home near Frankfurt-am-Main with his wife Barbara who is a Pair de la Chaîne.

Conseiller Gastronomique Klaus Böhler showed off his burger deluxe (grilled beef medallion with goose liver and truffle) and smoked salmon on green asparagus

Chargée de Missions Karin Deters