Germany World Chaîne Day
Bailliage of Mittelrhein
Cologne, April 25, 2020
'Ox4you' home-cooking kit
" a fantastic three-course menu "

Maître Rôtisseur Daniel Gottschlich*, Chef and owner of the Michelin 2-star Ox & Klee in the Rheinauhafen district of Cologne, offers a three-course home-cooking kit with video instructions to revitalize the menu every weekend. It’s a system which works extremely well.

Accordingly, on April 25th there was a fantastic three-course menu at home for our World Chaîne Day celebration.


Asparagus, miso, medlar, wild garlic

Onglet (hanger steak), oxtail
Sichuan, puntarelle, tamarillo

Matcha, mango, cordifole, rice

Homemade chocolates

Vive la Chaîne!

Ulla Heyder
Vice Chancelier-Argentier

* Ed. Daniel Gottschlich trained as a power plant electronics engineer. He then trained as a chef at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg in Königswinter. Afterwards he was sous chef at the Brauhaus Früh in Cologne.

In August 2010 he opened Ox & Klee in a basement in Cologne's Neustadt-Süd. It was a restaurant for a maximum of 26 guests “with bratwurst and sauerkraut”.

2015 saw the award of a first Michelin star. A second Michelin star was awarded in 2019.

In September 2016, the restaurant moved to the middle Kranhaus (lit. "crane house"). The name refers to each one of the three 17-story buildings in the Rheinauhafen district of Cologne. Their shape, an upside-down "L", is reminiscent of the dockside cranes that were used to load cargo onto and from ships.