USA World Chaîne Day
April 25, 2020
Bailli Délégué Hal Small writes ..
" With best wishes and vive la Chaîne! "

For years we have talked about how members join the Confrérie for our events and they later learn that camaraderie is among the greatest of benefits of belonging to the Chaîne. With COVID-19 we have learned that the connection of members to one another is important. The past couple of months have raised questions and provided opportunities. Some were in early stages of development and were accelerated and others were new to our thinking.

The National Bailliage of the USA has about 125 local Bailliages and each is different as are their events. The differences as well as sameness are evident in their events now being held virtually. Our National organization has put together a programme of virtual events we call Chaîne Live that are now being scheduled and occurring.

World Chaîne Day 2020 became the face of the organization this year for one day and gave us a snapshot of what to expect for some time. Because of “shelter in place” orders and directives affecting about 95% of the United States, virtually all local Bailliages and their members could not be together.

However, that also offered me, for instance, the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting in the afternoon shared with members of the Bailliage of Saint Louis (Missouri) and that evening in a dinner event with members of the Bailliage of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii - both being about 5,000 miles apart!

Our virtual events in our National Bailliage spanned about 7,000 miles. Evident in each were the warm relationships and friendships of members as they shared stories, recounted experiences, exchanged small talk and, in the case of the members in Hawaii, shared a meal.

Take-out/delivery service is not the standard for the Chaîne nor what members want. However, in these challenging times it offers the opportunity to share the same meal, and our electronic connections make it possible for us to not only reach out and touch someone, but also to maintain contact and relationships. World Chaîne Day 2020 provided us that opportunity.

While we look forward to a time when we can dine together again, we continue to provide events for our members and the camaraderie for which we are known. We look forward to the day when we can be together in person with warm Chaîne hugs once again.

With best wishes and vive la Chaîne!

Hal Small
Bailli Délégué

Ed. On World Chaîne Day, these were some of the enthusiastic comments seen on social media as members participated to the full …

Bailliage of Anchorage, Alaska
Dame de la Chaîne Dé Hudson: Happy World Chaîne Day! Missing all of my Chaîne family during these times. Cheers to all!

Bailliage of Austin, Texas
Although we can't get together this year to celebrate World Chaîne Day, we are making the most of fond memories of good times with good friends.

Bailliage of Chicago, Illinois
Vice-Échanson Todd Arkebauer: Please support local, independent restaurants!

Bailliage of Greater Miami, Florida
Happy World Chaîne Day 2020! Wherever we are, the WCD spirit is one of celebration. Feel the spirit of global togetherness! Celebrate and share the passion!

Bailliage of Lacs et des Bois, Texas
We’re so excited to enjoy the “social distancing” dinner menu Chef Lawrence is preparing for World Chaîne Day dinner!

Bailliage of New Orleans, Louisiana
Maître Restaurateur Anthony Tusa and Maître Restaurateur Anna Tusa: Happy World Chaîne Day from Briquette! Hope everyone is healthy and safe! Cheers and we can’t wait for our next event to share in delicious food, fine wine & most of all friendship!

Bailliage of Seattle, Washington State
Chevalier Robert Braun: Happy World Chaîne Day!

Bailliage of St Louis, Missouri
Chevalier Steve Bannes: Thanks to the members from across the USA for joining our virtual celebration of World Chaîne Day 2020!

Bailliage of Toledo, Ohio
Excited to virtually celebrate World Chaîne Day with our Bailliage.

Bailliage “at large”
‎Bailli Honoraire Michael Procino and Vice-Chargée de Missions Honoraire Ann Marie Procino‎: World Chaîne Day should be spent in the best possible company. In our case, that means with Brunelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG from the Veneto in Italy!