Principality of Monaco - Fabio Versace
Monte Carlo, April 13, 2020
Chef Rôtisseur provides pasta for carers

On the initiative of Pasta Versace’s CEO, Fabio Versace, who is also a Chef Rôtisseur with the National Bailliage of the Principality of Monaco, all of the company’s employees, working in the factory based in the Principality, have been cooking pasta for the staff at the Princess Grace Hospital, donating more than 100 pasta dishes to the Hospital and Monaco’s Red Cross.

And so Fabio has joined the exclusive club of kitchen “covinators”.

Covinator n. (21st century: April 2020; France; from the French verb “coviner”) a man or a woman who combines their own tools and weapons with their know-how to exterminate Covid-19, at their own level, with the sole aim of resolutely and wholeheartedly combating the impact of Covid-19.

“THANK YOU to all of those on the front line and behind the scenes,” says Fabio Versace. “The healthcare staff, all of the men and women working in the background, all of those people whom we don’t think about. THANK YOU for your courage, your determination, your sacrifices and your dedication. We are with you and behind you all the way and we are incredibly grateful to you all for everything you do.”

Another wonderful initiative in the name of solidarity!

Gérard Canarie
Bailli Délégué


1975: Aldo, Founder of Pasta Versace
Originally from Messina in Sicily, Aldo Versace was a master mariner when he came to Monaco in 1975, where he became the director of a fleet of oil tankers.

1990: Les Gourmandises Italiennes
Passionate about cuisine and with the help of his wife and his two sons, Fabio and Marco, Aldo opened a deli, “Les Gourmandises Italiennes”, in 1990 in the Larvotto neighbourhood of Monaco.

1993: Aldo Versace’s Famous Recipe
Three years later he opened a facility with a surface area of more than 400m2 in Fontvieille, to produce authentic pasta, just like that which he had enjoyed as a child.

Today: The Versace Family
Today Pasta Versace is run by Fabio. “Mama” Santina is never far away and the future will be safe in the hands of her grandson!