Spain - Restaurante Verdura y Brasa
Bailliage of Madrid
Madrid, April 27, 2020
Latest venture by the Oter Group
" For the Oter Group products of high quality are extremely important "

The Oter Group was founded in 1972 by Gerardo Oter who has been a member of the Chaîne since 1985 and Argentier of the Bailliage of Spain since 2018. The common denominator for the group’s restaurants is a recognisable traditional cuisine made with great products.

The group is a family enterprise based on two inseparable pillars, quality of ingredients and top-class service. Involvement, passion and commitment are most evident in the staff members who are a key part of the Oter Group’s offering.

Twenty-five first-rate establishments covering the spectrum of Madrid's fine gastronomy make up the group. Its “El Barril” brand comprises several restaurants. Other establishments that come to mind are El Telégrafo, Pez Fuego, Verdura y Brasa (its latest opening), and La Leñera. Also offered are entertainment venues located in the financial centre of Madrid where one can simply have a cocktail or celebrate a special event in an elegant and fun atmosphere.

Verdura y Brasa
The Restaurante Verdura y Brasa in the Madrid district of Chamberí is the latest venture of the Oter Group.

In an era where we give more importance to body care than in past times and think much more about what we eat, this new restaurant is different. Grilled vegetables are the undisputed protagonist of the table!

The importance of consuming vegetables has encouraged the Oter Group to promote healthy food prepared on the grill. The oldest cooking technique in the world and in the opinion of many the tastiest.

Despite vegetables being the speciality it does not mean that Verdura y Brasa is a vegetarian restaurant. Although necessary for their well-being most people do not live on vegetables alone. The menu always includes top quality meat, fish and rice. At Verdura y Brasa vegetables are the protagonists being much more than the supporting act!

The menu describes familiar vegetables which we don’t usually order in a restaurant yet we prepare at home, for example cauliflower or pumpkin. So describing cauliflower braised in almond sauce is where hunger meets desire to eat! How does golden garlic, tender fennel, cauliflower cream, grilled pak-choi (cabbage of Asian origin) or grilled pumpkin tempt you?

Portions and half portions are available at the table or the bar. Main dishes are accompanied by thin crunchy crisps. Ask about cold soups and seasonal dishes. Desserts are homemade.

For the Oter Group products of high quality are extremely important as are simple recipes. I am sure that this new venture of our very good friend Gerardo Oter will be a great success in keeping with that of the rest of his group’s establishments. We in the Chaîne are certainly looking forward to being able once again to sample the delights of his restaurants. Fingers crossed that it will not be long to wait now before this is possible post-pandemic!

Rosa Román
Bailli Délégué

Verdura y Brasa
C/ Espronceda, 27, 27003 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 535 39 02