Sweden - Jimmi Eriksson
Stockholm, May 21, 2020
Chef Rôtisseur who is a master of taste
" Jimmi is now gastronomic and creative leader of Stadshusrestauranger in Stockholm "

Besides having an incredible palate Jimmi is both knowledgeable and humble. He loves to surprise people with cross-border combinations created with an infallible hand. Not afraid of full flavours Jimmi always creates dishes with a thorough balance between different textures. Always looking beautiful on the plate. Something always happens in your mouth. Even at his tiny pop-up-restaurant Smör (Butter), a kiosk-sized gourmet eaterie, small dishes give you exquisite experiences.

At the end of a course at cookery school Jimmi was on the right track when he achieved a most sought-after internship at Fredsgatan 12, a cult status, fine dining restaurant in Stockholm. He thought “Wow, I have never seen anything like this before, this is what I’d like to do”. Since then Jimmi consciously looks for inspiration from skilled chefs.

There followed three years of travelling in Europe and further afield, in big cities as well as in the countryside and on cruise ships too. Returning home, he cooked at Pontus Frithiof’s restaurant “Pontus Matsalen!” with Andreas Edlund, Sweden’s Young Chef of the Year 2011, Daniel Räms, Chef of the Year in 2013, and Pontus himself. What a top team to be included in! He earned the title of Sweden’s Young Chef of the Year 2013 and the Runner Up’s Silver medal in the Chaîne’s International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition in Istanbul, Turkey.

A key event was Daniel Räms and Tom Sjöstedt, Chef of the Year 2008, opening Lilla Ego (Little Ego). This small restaurant with the big ego won lots of awards and was fully booked from the beginning. Jimmi joined the team and his tasting palate came together. “I have now found my own way and it is constantly swimming in my head”, he said. “New ideas pop up like stars in the sky”.

In Jimmi’s sky it’s very close between the stars I can assure you. Vegetables in season are his favourite raw product fitting very well with his interest in colour and design. Add to that the excellent sauces which he likes to whisk together.

Jimmi won the Swedish Chef of the Year competition in 2016. Subsequently he was in great demand for a whole variety of assignments. For Arla, the big dairy company, he created recipes when butter meets the brain and makes you lucky, believe it or not. Well at least when tasting Jimmi´s lucky dishes.

He has been captain of the Swedish Culinary Team winning gold in the Culinary World Cup and Silver at the Culinary Olympics. At about the same time he achieved a personal victory in the Global Chef’s Challenge in Kuala Lumpur, where he was the best of 70 chefs.

Jimmi loves competing both in a team and as an individual. Never completely satisfied, he wants to learn more. Developing himself is always on the agenda. Considering his youth Jimmi has already achieved a lot competition-wise. However high on his wish list is still the Bocuse d’Or.

As Conseiller Culinaire it has been an honour to get to know Jimmi and enjoy his cooking. He has been a faithful juror for our National Bailliage’s Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition. During the “Chaîne Sweden” 60th anniversary celebration Jimmi and his friend Andreas Edlund were the Head Chefs for the Gala Dinner.

Jimmi is now gastronomic and creative leader of Stadshusrestauranger in Stockholm. His assignment is to lead the gastronomic development for both Restaurant Stadshuskällaren and banquets and events in Stockholm’s City Hall.

He has created menus for the Swedish Pavilion at World Fair in Dubai (postponed until 2021). The pandemic has put many events on hold but after the first shock Jimmi decided to use this time for recuperation and progress. “Maybe you’ll see a totally new Jimmi”, he says. Still he wants to cook. Nothing else matters.

Catarina Offe
Conseiller Culinaire

Translation from Swedish into English by Margareta Henry, Chargée de Missions Honoraire