Kuwait Solidarity initiative
Kuwait City, June 10, 2020
Together against coronavirus
" We wish the world a healthy recovery to normality and better times "

In a world where we are all interdependent and with the aim of honouring our social responsibility during this challenging time of the pandemic, on June 10th the Bailliage of Kuwait presented a financial donation to the “Together Against Coronavirus” national campaign of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

The Kuwait Red Crescent Society is one of the leading Kuwaiti beacons in the field of humanitarian work. It plays an integral role in activities and projects both inside and outside Kuwait and is highly appreciated by a large number of international and regional organizations concerned with humanitarian work.

Showing solidarity with those stricken by the COVID-19 situation our initiative to make the contribution will support the distribution of food baskets, masks and sterilizers to the citizens in most need. The Red Crescent Society has the manpower and logistics to reach out to the areas with limited access which are still under lock-down.

To be able to share “food”, i.e. that which is most appreciated by the Rotisseurs, gave the donation towards the cost of food a wonderful additional value and gave us food for thought.

We wish the world a healthy recovery to normality and better times. Naturally, we look forward to sharing marvellous Chaîne events again.

Soumaya El-Azem
Chargée de Missions