Hong Kong SAR China Dining initiative
May 11-29, 2020
'Support Chaîne May'
" The aim was to bring the Chaîne community together "

Headline news: Chaîne spirit and camaraderie overcomes difficult circumstances with flair.

Challenging times require creative solutions! The Bailliage’s “Support Chaîne May” was one of these.

The response from our Professional members who chose to participate in our ‘Support Chaîne May’ initiative was heart-warming. The aim was to bring the Chaîne community together following a time when we were forced to be apart.

The initiative encouraged members to support Professional members by dining at their respective establishments. In turn, Professionals offered benefits. A win-win for all involved!

An extra win is that “Hong Kong Support Chaîne May” instilled pride in our unique gastronomic association whilst reinforcing its benefits.

At numerous venues members became better acquainted developing connections to the Chaîne and each other.

Every day of the programme from May 11th - 29th was in effect a mini Chaîne event. Members submitted photos wearing their ribbons via the Bailliage’s WeChat group and by email.

A follow up dinner will take place awarding prizes for most establishments supported, the best photos and the member who dined at most participating venues - with photographic proof of course.

Vive la Chaine!

Steven Kahn
Bailli Délégué