World Chaîne Day Photo Competition (2)
Guanacaste (Costa Rica), June 20, 2020
The story behind the winning photo
" a photo representative of the values of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs "

The photo was a collaborative effort between Alex Taulère and his partner, Stephanie Florentina.

Alain Taulère, Bailli Délégué of Costa Rica, asked Alex and Stephanie to create a photo representative of the values of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs (gastronomy, fine wines and camaraderie). At the same time reflecting current world events that were happening on World Chaîne Day 2020.

Alex and Stephanie wanted to create a visual representation of Chaîne luxury and elegance but in an exceptional way that reflected the unprecedented times. The entire country of Costa Rica (as most of the rest of the world) was in lockdown and at home.

The photo was taken at their home in their swimming pool. The location was selected to symbolise confinement at home along with Chaîne members all over the world on World Chaîne Day yet still enjoying all that the Chaîne represents.

Planning was key to create such an unusually stunning effect. The underwater camera on a tripod was held in place at the bottom of the pool with weights. Everything buoyant in the underwater scene, including the flower vase, was weighted down to keep it in position.

Taken with a self-timer the couple had time to get in place. Stephanie was already seated with her gown arranged when Alex clicked on the timer. He then had ten seconds to swim over and position himself.

Alex and Stephanie had to exhale beforehand to keep themselves from floating back up to the surface before the shot!

Bonnie Taulère
Chargée de Missions