Turkey - Jeff Hakko
Istanbul, June 26, 2020
Commitment to social responsibility
" A well-known figure in society countrywide, Jeff is a partner and Vice Chairman of Vakko Group "

When the COVID-19 pandemic initially broke out with the country in complete lockdown, retail and hospitality industries experienced a great loss of business and were struggling to survive. Conseiller Gastronomique Jeff Hakko, a prominent member of the Chaîne in Turkey, didn’t forget to fulfil his social responsibility and duties towards our country during these difficult days.

A well-known figure in society countrywide, Jeff is a partner and Vice Chairman of Vakko Group (Turkey’s flagship fashion brand “VAKKO”). As an immediate response to the pandemic, Jeff and the Board of Directors donated 500,000 hand-sewn medical masks to the Turkish Ministry of Health.

With the pandemic progressing at an alarming rate, VAKKO’s Board of Directors made a very wise decision to invest in a new production line in addition to their existing fashion production facilities. As a result of this decision, automated medical mask manufacturing machinery was installed leading to an initial run of three million VAKKO masks being supplied to the Turkish Ministry of Health. The production and delivery to the Ministry still continues thus setting a good example of the VAKKO commitment to social responsibility.

About VAKKO Group/Brand

The story began in 1934 with “Şen Şapka” (Merry Hats). A small millinery shop started by the legend “Vitali Hakko” in Istanbul, leading to 86 years of success. Şen Şapka was later renamed “VAKKO”.

The first VAKKO store opened in 1962 in the heart of Istanbul. Complete with a café and gallery, the eight-floor store was the largest of its kind in Turkey at the time. Two similar flagship stores in Ankara and Izmir opened followed by a countrywide expansion of stores. In 1969 VAKKO built their own factory, which included silk printing workshops, as well as facilities for the production of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear garments and shoes.

The success story and expansion of the group has continued throughout the past six decades. The group introduced its own fashion lines, brands and concepts, in addition to showcasing numerous worldwide renowned fashion brands and designers.

VAKKO was the first fashion house in Turkey with its signature perfumes and to produce chocolate, thus pioneering the birth of chocolate culture in the country. The group moved its factory to a new larger and more modern production facility. “VAKKO Esmod Fashion School” was created in collaboration with Esmod the world longest-established fashion school.

The VAKKO L’Atelier concept was introduced, featuring their own signature patisserie, bistro, chocolate, ice cream, and delights combining elegant French pastry and French cuisine with elegant and sophisticated presentation. VAKKO Bistrot is making rapid strides in becoming a privileged tasty stop for a brand-new experience in major cities and locations in Turkey.

Today, VAKKO owns and operate 240 grand luxurious stores, and 10 outlet stores in Turkey, three grand luxurious stores in Northern Cyprus, and one grand luxurious store in Doha-Qatar.

Mohamed Hammam
Bailli Délégué