Italy Lunch
Bailliage of Milano Lombardia
Chignolo Po (Pavia), July 4, 2020
Restart at the 'Versailles of Lombardy'
" It was an important and significant event "

In the beautiful 18th-century patrician mansion of Castello Procaccini di Chignolo Po, called the “Versailles of Lombardy", the 333rd event of the Bailliage of Milan was celebrated.

The oldest part of the Castello is the great tower, built by King Liutprand around 740 AD/CE when Pavia was the capital of the Lombards. Its purpose was to serve as a fortress and stronghold for the defence of the Po along the Via Francigena, which connected Northern Europe with Rome.

In the shadow of the centuries-old lime trees, the many guests shared the values of friendship and conviviality as they enjoyed the dishes of the local cuisine.

It was an important and significant event - a signal of restart given it was the first Bailliage gathering after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Giovanni Manetta