Cameroon Brunch
Yaoundé, July 12, 2020
A great success!
" July 12th also happened to be my birthday! "

After a break caused by COVID-19, the Bailliage of Yaoundé reunited its members and lots of Chaîne friends for brunch on July 12th at the Ô Vive Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel, a 5-star hotel that fully complies with all necessary health and safety measures.

As a first experience, the idea of a Sunday brunch at lunchtime was a great success. There were 43 people there, including members and guests, which is a remarkable number.

The participants particularly appreciated the diverse range of dishes, which combined local flavours with elements from further afield. The atmosphere was joyful, filled with a spirit of togetherness and friendly warmth.

By chance, or a combination of circumstances, July 12th also happened to be my birthday! The restaurant surprised me with a birthday cake, and the other guests enthusiastically sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

It was so lovely to meet for a delicious brunch. What an original idea for a convivial and unforgettable experience!

Chloé Balanos
Bailli Délégué