Austria Dinner
Bailliage Provincial of Styrie
Grottenhof, July 17, 2020
Our introduction to 'Cuisine sensuelle'
" Cuisine sensuell makes use of the inexhaustible richness of nature "

For the first dinner of 2020 Maître Rôtisseur Thomas Ranninger invited us to his restaurant at Grottenhof which he opened in 2015 after extensive experience at home and abroad, including Hamburg, St. Moritz, Beijing and Baku.

Chef Thomas has designed an independent culinary art, the so called “Cuisine sensuelle”. This term describes his special way of creating a gastronomic delight. The delicacies and the authentic sensory experience merge into a harmonious and typical overall impression. New taste experiences open an interplay of all human senses.

“Cuisine sensuelle” makes use of the inexhaustible richness of nature. The menu depends on the seasons and the availability of fresh products and ingredients from the local region.

Chaîne members were welcomed with a Riesling sparkling wine from the local Kieslinger Winery in Kogelberg.


Terrine of scallops
orange fennel salad

Calf’s head
young spinach, baked calf’s sweetbread

Grilled bacon-wrapped monkfish
Szechuan pepper vegetables

Beef fillet with polenta and bacon beans
in the Styrian style

Crème brulée
tonka beans with berries


Slatina “Gemischter Satz” 2017 (Magnums)
Zweytick Winery, Ratsch an der Weinstraße, Southern Styria

Riesling ‘Furth-Palt’ 2016
Malat Winery, Kremstal, Lower Austria

Sauvignon Blanc ‘Ried Stermetzberg’ 2010 (Magnums)
ZweytickWinery, Ratsch an der Weinstraße, Southern Styria

Chardonnay ‘Hirritschberg’ 2015 (Magnums)
Bernd Stelzl Winery, Leutschach, Southern Styria

Berry Selection 2017
Wolfgang Maitz, Ratsch an der Weinstraße, Southern Styria

Conseiller Culinaire Bernhard Frais paid tribute to the excellent quality of the individual courses and thanked the very attentive, friendly kitchen and service brigades. 

Concluding the accolades, Bailli Délégué Norbert Simon presented Maître Rôtisseur Thomas Ranninger with the National Bailliage’s commemorative plate for special gastronomic services.

Vive la Châine!

Werner Scheibenpflug
Chargé de Presse