Jeunes Sommeliers Competition 2021
Bordeaux, September 10-11, 2021
International Final - save the dates!
" What a great opportunity to inspire, encourage and develop young talent "

I am pleased to be able to give you an update regarding the 2021 International Final of the Jeunes Sommeliers Competition.

It will be held in Bordeaux from Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th September inclusive. Within the programme the Semi-Final will be on Friday 10th and the Final will be on Saturday 11th with a Gala Awards dinner in the evening.

With this advance notice, Bailliages can decide what to put in place now in order to have their national representative ‘match ready’.

What a great opportunity to inspire, encourage and develop young talent within the hospitality industry.

What potential there is in preparing young Sommeliers so as to open their eyes to the possibilities.

What satisfaction for the experienced Sommelier to spot that fresh talent, nurture it and see young Sommeliers take huge steps in their profession, learning in depth from their peers.

As the world starts to take tentative steps towards a return to normality - in whatever form this will be - working towards being chosen as the best of the best is an excellent incentive and welcome encouragement for the young professionals as well as their teachers, sponsors and mentors.

Marie Jones
International Vice President
Chair, Jeunes Sommeliers Competition Committee

Marie Jones, Chair, International Vice President
Klaus Tritschler, Member of the Conseil d’Administration (Germany)

Chair of the Panel of Judges
Brian Julyan, Officer Maître Sommelier (Great Britain)

Technical Committee
Brian Julyan, Officer Maître Sommelier (Great Britain)
Charles Bennett, Grand Échanson (USA)
Christine Suominen, Échanson (Finland)
Dominique Crombé, Maître Sommelier (Belgium)
John Studdert, Échanson (Australia)


1. Bordeaux - Place de la Bourse
2. The Sommelier's art
3. Blind wine tasting (c) Cité du Vin
4. Bordeaux - Cité du Vin