China Grand Chapitre 2020
Shanghai, December 10-12, 2020
Save the dates!
" three exciting days "

Dearest members and friends,

It is with great honour and pleasure we invite you all to our Grand Chapitre which will be held from December 10-12, 2020 in the city of Shanghai.

Respecting and reflecting the gastronomic roots of the Chaîne with the historic international settlement and modernisation of the city, this melting pot of traditional and contemporary East and West culinary excellence and culture provides a perfect gastronomic cradle to host Shanghai’s first Grand Chapitre.

Through the great efforts of the organising committee, a series of inspiring and spectacular excursions and events in and around Shanghai will be organized. This will ensure three exciting days.

Members and friends from China and internationally will be able to share the experience of China’s unique culinary culture, knowledge and diversity. Full details of the events - including how to book - will be published in due course.

Alongside the Grand Chapitre, the Bailliage is taking the opportunity to host its first National Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition on December 10th. The competition will be followed by an award ceremony presenting the young talent to all those attending the Gala Induction Dinner on December 11th.

The Bailliage’s National Council humbly invites you all to join in celebrating this very important day in the year for the Chaîne in China especially with the opportunity it brings to enjoy traditional camaraderie through sharing the art and passion for gastronomy.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to this unforgettable milestone in China!

With warmest regards

Kevin Chang