Bermuda Charity Dinner
Hamilton, July 24, 2020
Supporting the Restaurant Relief Fund
" Our thanks go to Executive Chef Chris Malpas and Michael Schrum, CFO of Butterfield Group "

On a balmy Saturday evening in July 24 socially-distanced Bailliage members and their guests met for the first time since COVID-19.

Executive Chef Chris Malpas of Butterfield Bank, who is a Chaîne Professional member in Bermuda, reached out to the Bailliage Committee to see if the members would be interested in a small dinner.

The members who attended the event enjoyed the evening under the canopy and outdoor space graciously provided by Butterfield Bank while raising some funds to support Bermuda’s restaurant industry.

Chef Chris and his team prepared a wonderful, 90% locally-sourced menu which was beautifully paired with wines from Discovery Wines. Tuna and albacore came from Bermuda Fish Company Ltd. Vegetables, herbs and the wonderful chocolate for the dessert all came from local farmers or grocers. The only ‘imported’ part of the meal was the Australian lamb cutlets. The dinner was declared a resounding success.

“Our thanks go to Executive Chef Chris Malpas and Michael Schrum, CFO of Butterfield Group, for allowing us to utilize the space. This gave us the ability to safely hold an event to ensure that the proper protocols for dining could be maintained for those who attended and the Butterfield staff”, stated Bailli James Davis.

The Chaîne in Bermuda understands the challenges that the restaurant industry has had over the past 4 months.

The Committee therefore made the decision that a donation of $2,500 will go towards the Restaurant Relief Fund to help those who are experiencing hardship. The Chaîne has been in existence for over 30 years in Bermuda and will continue to work to support the local industry to keep the tradition of culinary excellence in Bermuda.

Andrew Butterworth
Chargé de Presse