Germany Lunch
Bailliage of Franken
Fürth, August 22, 2020
Awards presented to Bailliage members
" Bailli Délégué Klaus Tritschler exceptionally travelled to Fürth to present the awards "

The event on an August Saturday at Restaurant Kupferpfanne in Fürth was all about honouring deserving Chaîne members of the Bailliage.

Especially for the occasion Bailli Délégué Klaus Tritschler exceptionally travelled to Fürth to present the awards in person.

Carsta Behringer, a long-time member of our Confrérie and a well-known institution in the Nuremberg Bratwurst-Häusle, was honoured by being inducted as a Grand Officier.

Also included in the inductions as Grand Officier was Dr Bernhard Mauser of the traditional Bindergass Pharmacy which has been in business since 1542 in the heart of Nuremberg's old town and where Dr Mauser’s son Matthias is now the pharmacist.

Heidi Backer received her certificate of promotion to Grand Officier. Her induction is planned for a later Grand Chapitre.

A second wave of honours was carried out after the main course by Bailli Rudi Stöcker. The long-standing, deserving members were each awarded their respective “Commandeur” badges.

Officier Dr. med. Hans Joachim Rikart received a Silver Commandeur for his 10 years of membership. Egon Kohler, Vice Chargé de Missions Honoraire, was presented with the gold Commandeur badge for 20 years’ membership. Finally, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Oskar Schlag was honoured for his 30 years in the Chaîne with the Officier Commandeur award.

We congratulate all these members so honoured and look forward to many more hours together with them in our Confrérie.

The celebratory lunch began with a refreshing aperitif followed by a very tasty summer-themed, three-course menu prepared and served by Maître Rôtisseur Erwin Weidenhiller and his team with great attention and dedication.

Event photos/text
Inge Stöcker
Vice-Chargée de Presse

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