Spain - Vinos Jeromín
Villarejo de Salvanés (Madrid), September 10, 2020
Flagship of Madrid wines
" Of the four million bottles sold with the DO accreditation, one million are from Vinos Jeromín "

Madrid is the only world capital giving its name to a wine Denomination of Origin (DO), that of “Vinos de Madrid”. The DO is the recognition of something under the protection of a name to distinguish its origin and tradition.

The history of the accreditation of the Madrid wine region began in 1984 with the recognition of the Specific Denomination of Madrid wines. This ultimately led to the Madrid Wines DO being officially recognized in late 1990.

Of the four million bottles sold with the DO accreditation, one million are from Vinos Jeromín, a quarter of these are exported. The winery started in 1956. When asked the secret of their success, Félix Martínez, family patriarch and third generation in charge of the winery, said it was due to incorporating new winemaking processes without forgetting the tradition and origin of the family business.

Vinos Jeromín facts
- 600,000 vines, of which 60% are red and 40% are white
- 500 hectares, spread throughout the Madrid wine region
- 300 plots on soils of extraordinary and varied conditions
- 9 grape varieties: principally Tempranillo, Garnacha and Merlot (reds), Malvar (white)
- 800 aging barrels of different oaks
- 4 million litres’ capacity in tanks

Villarejo de Salvanés, vineyards and olive groves
Villarejo de Salvanés, some 50 kms from Madrid, is reputed to have Roman origins. Situated at 750m above sea level the town lies between the valley of the Tagus and the Tajuña. It was declared a “Historic Site” in 1974 principally because of its castle, the Torre del Homenaje, which is a unique architectural example in Spain. The surrounding agricultural landscape features vineyards, olive groves and fields of cereal crops.

Vinos Jeromín wines
The winery divides its wines into five categories. The top wines fall within the “Premium” category. They are sold under the names of “Félix Martínez” (the star wine named after the family’s patriarch), “Purificación”, “Manu” and “Grego” (the latter two named also named after family members).

The other categories are “Excellent”, “Basic”, “Sweet” (Dulce María) and “Cava” (Puerta del Sol).

Félix Martínez - the wine with a star
Elegant and classy, this wine brings aromas from another era. A reserve aged for 24 months in selected French and American oak barrels. Principally made from Tempranillo (90%), the vines being over 75 years old which give an average production of 1.5kg per vine. The best grapes are harvested by hand in 20kg boxes to keep their quality intact. It is an outstanding wine in the Madrid DO, long and persistent on the palate. Vinos Jeromín considers it to be the best wine made in its entire history. It will improve with time in the bottle.

The Bailliage of Spain is delighted to have the winery’s May Rodríguez Sáez as a much-valued member holding the Professionnel du Vin grade.

Rosa Román
Bailli Délégué

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