Germany Lunch
Bailliage of Hessen
Kiedrich, September 13, 2020
Summer in the castle garden
" a great reunion much appreciated after six months of absence "

Summer came back especially for our event outside on the terrace of Groenesteyn Castle Wine Tavern with a view of the Rheingau.

Everyone was very enthusiastic to finally see each other again after six months. After presenting the Commandeur plaque to Dr Stephanie Dittmar, Bailli Michel Prokop then presented his wife, Carina Saleck-Prokop, with her certificate of promotion to the grade of Grand Officier.

Bailli Prokop continued by expressing his joy about this “little new start” in this wonderful ambience.

The Michelin 1-star kitchen run by Maître Rôtisseur Dirk Schröer (with the support of the second generation) and the service, managed by his wife, exceeded all expectations.

It was a great lunch! It was also a great reunion much appreciated after six months of absence.

Vive la Chaîne!

Carina Saleck-Prokop
Grand Officier

Photos: Martina Teske (Vice-Chargée de Presse)

Editorial note
Groenesteyn Castle was the creation of an exceptionally gifted architect and High Director of Building, Anselm Franz Freiherr von Ritter zu Groenesteyn. Apart from being Chamberlain of Mainz, he was a Privy Counsellor, Majordomo and temporarily Vice-Regent.

In 1730 Schloss Groenesteyn, a Baroque three-winged palace including a chapel, was erected on the site. As stucco plasterer Georg Hennicke from Mainz, a disciple of Jean Bérain, who had also worked on the pilgrimage church Zum heiligen Blut in Walldürn was especially chosen. The château is still family property.