Norway - Heidi Iren Hansen MW
Oslo, September 1, 2020
First Pro member in Norway to become a Master of Wine
" We are delighted to congratulate Heidi on her great achievement "

Self-proclaimed wine-nerd Heidi Iren Hansen MW was raised in Asker just a short train-ride form Oslo.

Heidi lives and works in Oslo where she manages wine courses and education at The Culinary Academy of Norway (Kulinarisk Akademi - KA). She teaches both Sommelier courses and those for all levels of Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Starting her career as a cook, Heidi completed her Sommelier education in 2009 at KA. Best in class, Heidi achieved the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits in 2013. She worked as a Sommelier at Norske Selskap and Restaurant Manager at Refsnes Gods before her current job at KA.

Heidi also loves running courses focusing on food and wine combinations for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. When working as a Sommelier Heidi participated in various competitions. She holds a silver medal from the Norwegian Sommelier championship and a bronze from the Nordic Sommelier championship.

Heidi passed her final exam for the Master of Wine (MW) qualification on August 26th this year becoming the sixth MW in Norway. She now holds the most prestigious title in the wine-world held by just 409 persons internationally. Heidi is also the youngest in Norway to achieve the title.

Although a relatively new Professional member of the Chaîne, Heidi has already been promoted to be a Vice-Chargée de Missions for the Bailliage of Oslo.

We are delighted to congratulate Heidi on her great achievement and to wish her a long and rewarding “career” in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs!

Thore Sande
Bailli Délégué

Managing Editor’s note

Through the good offices of Tom Rognes, Vice-Chargé de Presse of the Bailliage of Trøndelag, the Chaîne News On-line put two questions to Heidi…

What does it mean to be Norway's first Chaîne Master of Wine and Norway's youngest too?
I have had a few wine students and young, ambitious industry professionals in Norway telling me they are inspired to pursue their dream when they see that hard work and dedication pays off. And that is really a great motivation which makes me want to continue spreading the knowledge and joy of wine and must be the best part about it.
What motivated you to pursue the qualification?
My main motivation was the desire to know more about the amazing and extremely vast world of wine. But I also love teaching about wine and believe you have to have a global understanding and overview in addition to a lot of knowledge to be a really good teacher. And to pass the MW studies you have to understand all aspects of the wine industry and I believe this understanding now makes me a better teacher.