Denmark Dinner
Odense, September 26, 2020
After a long seven months
" to everyone's delight our programme of events has restarted "

After a long seven months break due to COVID-19, to everyone’s delight our programme of events has restarted. The first venue was in the Fionan capital Odense. We were revisiting Restaurant Bacchus (the Roman name for the Greek god of wine) to enjoy the upgraded restaurant which had moved to a bigger, better location.

Bacchus was founded in 2015 by French chef, Stephane Libourel. Stephane’s gastronomic travels have taken him to Aberdeen, London, Århus and finally Odense, where he was recruited for the famous “Under Lindetræet” Restaurant.

After five years he started his own restaurant. Stephane’s style is very traditional French. The menu still includes the politically unpopular ingredient, foie gras, that many restaurants now tend to avoid. Since our last visit there were more traditional bistro dishes on the menu, such as beef bourguignon, tarte Tatin. The menu has been upgraded to a luxury gourmet level.

In 2017 he won the award “Bistro/Brasserie of the Year” and Stephane continues to receive excellent reviews. New this time was Pastry Chef Maria. You’ll see what she created in the menu. Knowing that this is one of Stephane’s specialities we knew it would be very interesting.

It was an early start to the evening. After the welcome reception we were seated for dinner at 6pm. This was due to new COVID-19 regulations which mean the restaurant had to close at 10pm.


Fried redfish (Norwegian haddock) on skin
 bouillabaisse style, lobster fricassee
Côtes du Rhone Blanc ‘Les Mésanges’ 2019
Les Vignerons Castelas, Rhône Valley

Stuffed jumbo morels, guinea fowl
mushrooms, Madeira sauce
Bourgogne Rouge ‘La Taupe’ 2015
La Fille de Gamla Stan, Burgundy

Beef three ways
pink, crispy, bourguignon
Ventoux 2017
Domaine la Martinelle, Rhône Valley

Craquelin, apple variation
hazelnut cream, green apple sorbet
Coteaux du Layon 2018
Château Perray Jouannet, Anjou, Loire Valley

At the end of the dinner we had the traditional line up of the entire staff. Chancelier Thorbjørn Moy delivered his appreciation in his capacity as a professional chef. He was very pleased with the craftsmanship shown in every dish. New among the staff was a 16-year-old apprentice chef who participated in the service for the first time. Thorbjørn praised him for his contribution. He continued by encouraging him to keep up the good work and remember to always be on time as he has a French employer!

The lobster tail in the fish course, stuffed jumbo morels and three kinds of beef were praised. Dinner was topped with the fantastic craquelin shaped into an apple, with very fine details.

Following on from Thorbjørn’s fine words, in appreciation of the first-class service, to the applause of the party Bailli Délégué Jørgen Krenk awarded the staff Bailliage of Denmark pins reserved for only the best kitchen and service brigades.

Vive la Chaîne!

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique