Spain - David de Castro
Sanlúcar la Mayor, September 24, 2020
La Regañá Don Pelayo
" Exploring different countries, David was exposed to a world of smells, flavours, textures "

Bailli Provincial of Andalusia David de Castro, life enthusiast and restless for live experiences, creates a particular reputation.

Exploring different countries, David was exposed to a world of smells, flavours, textures.  His attention captured, David discovered a special sensitivity for organoleptic characteristics.

A gastronomic advisor and food-hunter David is known in the wine world as an “Expert Jury”. Prestigious companies such as "Porsche" invite him in this capacity to judge different gastronomic competitions. David is an internationally-recognised Sommelier and professional taster. He devotes his entire professional career to constantly searching for the original and distinguished.

His product, “La Regañá Don Pelayo”, is becoming popular within and outside our borders. A so-called “hunger killer”, the very thin crusty bread cake, very light with no crumb or crust, is an ideal accompaniment to many dishes of our gastronomy.

Sailors’ food
The biscuit’s history links to the less well-off. One theory suggests that ships carried the cookies during the search for the Indies back in the 14th to 16th centuries.

Regañá is bread dough dried out during cooking so it could be stored and transported for a long time mould-free even in the humid environment of a ship’s hold.

During long journeys the regañá hardened so was only eaten "reluctantly" in small pieces due to poor oral health of the time.

Its properties
Now a gourmet product with long history this biscuit-type bread is akin to the Italian “taralli”, northern Europe’s “knäckebröd” and “tunnbröd”, the Balearic Islands’ “crostas” and “rosquilletas” from Valencia.

Regañá Don Pelayo is an ideal food for any time of the day: exquisite, healthy, low in calories. It is an appropriate companion for appetizers and/or tapas. Through its flavour highlighting properties it also complements cold meats, sausages, cheeses, and pâtés very well.

Where the Reganá Don Pelayo is made
In Sanlúcar la Mayor, Regañás Don Pelayo are handmade due to the fineness of their wafer which is not achievable if mechanised.

No milk proteins, emulsifiers, or preservatives of any kind are used. Highest quality wheat flour, water, yeast and fleur de sel from the Cadiz marshes are the ingredients.

The crisp, light Andalusian breads are found in selected restaurants, specialised gourmet shops and in Paradores de España network.

Popular knowledge
Finding excellence is not an easy task.

Investigate, ask, listen and learn to find the best products to eat and drink.

Always travel to meet the great artisans who are almost always small producers. Savour their products and find authentic gastronomic gems.

Searching is especially rewarded when you find a product with history behind it: La Regañá Don Pelayo, simple, refined bread full of flavour.

Based on an in-depth article by Bailli Délégué Rosa Román