Finland Dinner
Bailliage of Carelie
Kouvola, September 19, 2020
Gold from Lapland gilded the menu
" What a way to celebrate the presentation of the plaque - pure gold indeed! "

Unprocessed gold from Lapland - the northern part of Finland - was for the first time ever in the world used to decorate food when Restaurant Kymin Huvila* (English: Kymi Villa) was honoured with the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Professionals plaque at a special awards dinner.

Kymin Huvila is the fifth restaurant to receive the plaque in Bailliage of Karelia which is in the south-east Finland.

A happy coincidence had brought together Maître Restaurateur Susanna Kurvinen and Gold Master Raimo Snellman. The idea of using natural gold to enhance food was explored and then shared with Chef Rôtisseur David Zamora.

The COVID-19 epidemic delayed the award festivities from April till September giving David plenty of time to test and finalise his ideas of using gold.

The result was amazing! Praised by over 40 members of the Chaîne who witnessed the event, all agreed it was one for the memory archives.

The Professionals plaque was presented by Bailli Délégué Johanna Hornborg-Ojala and Bailli Heikki Koskinen.

Lapland gold was used in a most professional way both in the main course, reindeer chimichurri, which had an unprocessed gold leaf on top and in the orange mousse cake dessert.

What a way to celebrate the presentation of the plaque - pure gold indeed!

Juha Pöllänen
Bailli Honoraire

* Ed. A historically magnificent party place, Kymin Huvila in Kouvola exudes interest and mysticism. For a long time, the villa was only used by members of a company's top management. Hence it was formerly known as the “Board Villa” but the house is now open to everyone. After a splendid dinner, at the end of the evening the restaurant has accommodation to offer in three suites and seven bedrooms.

Built in 1873, the town’s oldest residential building still in use offers dignity, magnificence, splendour and sophistication. The villa was designed by the Finnish architect Theodor Decker who studied at the Stockholm Academy of Arts from 1858 to 1863.