French Guiana Lunch
Cayenne, October 25, 2020
Sampling Lebanese cuisine
" Liliane decided to present us with a menu featuring Lebanese cuisine "

Taking into account the health context through which we are all living, in particular great respect of the rules and advice regarding restricting the spread of the virus, the Bailliage members readily responded to the invitation by Bailli Délégué Georges Nouh-Chaïa and his wife Liliane who is a Vice-Chancelier.

The lunch was held at their villa in Cayenne, capital of French Guiana. The face-to-face meeting did everyone a lot of good through the opportunity at last to share the pleasures of the table with fellow members of the Chaîne.

Liliane decided to present us with a menu featuring Lebanese cuisine which she prepared herself.

Lebanese cuisine is an ancient one. Its dishes are heavily influenced by the multiple civilisations that have existed within the region, especially the Arab-Muslim contribution, which has accumulated together to form the modern Lebanese cuisine. Using fresh, flavourful ingredients and spices, Lebanese cuisine combines Turkish, Arab, and French cooking styles.

The Lebanese diaspora who live worldwide have introduced new ingredients, spices and culinary practices into Lebanese cuisine, keeping the cuisine innovative and renowned both beyond and within its borders.

Here in French Guiana we enjoyed both traditional and contemporary dishes thanks to the skill and resourcefulness of Liliane.

Based on a report provided by Officier Anne-Marie Robinel and Bailli Délégué Georges Nouh-Chaïa