Germany Dinner
Bailliage of Baden Württemberg
Waiblingen, October 15, 2020
Japanese cherry blossom festival in autumn!
" Maître Rôtisseur Bernd Bachofer draws significant inspiration from the cuisine of Southeast Asia "

Carefully observing COVID-19 requirements, an expectant 22 members and five guests arrived at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Bachofer in Waiblingen near Stuttgart to enjoy the exclusive Sakura Menu 2020.

Besides his regional roots, Maître Rôtisseur Bernd Bachofer draws significant inspiration from the cuisine of Southeast Asia, Japan and China gained from many visits resulting in this great passion. In Stuttgart he is the well-known representative of authentic Far Eastern cuisine!

Chef Bachofer invited the first Sake Sommelier in Germany, Master Sake Taster Yoshiko Ueno-Müller and her husband Jörg Müller, to introduce us to the world of rice wine with an extraordinary sake tasting. Sake is known as elixir of the Japanese soul. In 2011 Yoshiko received the rare title Sake Samurai!

From Shichika Sparkling to a special Amabuki (English: heavenly wind) from the brewery, founded in 1688, the six-part wine accompaniment had charmingly presented explanations from Yoshiko.

High-quality amuse-bouches with chopsticks were absolute taste fireworks. Each course expertly served in artistic, exotic bowls and plates, coloured jewellery boxes pampered us with Japanese cuisine’s best ingredients - king crab, tuna tartare, sushi, tempura, matcha, yuzu textures, original Ozuki striploin beef and more.

Bailli Délégué Klaus Tritschler was our honoured guest. He had travelled especially to be with us so as to be able to present the prestigious 50 year “Grand Officier Commandeur” award to Dr Helmut Baur. Klaus shared with us that Helmut joined the Chaîne in Paris on October 23, 1970. Helmut has also been awarded the title of Honorary Consul General of Malaysia.

The time came for presentations. Local Bailliage officers Werner Widmann and Hartmut Junker firstly presented Rosmarie Hofmann with her certificate of nomination as a Dame de la Chaîne. They then awarded Chef Bachofer with the Bailliage’s Certificate of Appreciation as well as a gift.

The very committed kitchen and service brigades appreciated their personal certificates and gifts. The organisers of the sake tasting also received a well-deserved certificate. Klaus Tritschler concluded the ceremony by presenting Restaurant Bachofer with the Chaîne Professionals Plaque.

A particularly sparkling Michelin star on a Far Eastern cuisine horizon with sake tasting allowed us to experience a highly successful evening that we will remember with pleasure for a long time.

“Why wander far away (Japan) when the good is so close!” was our conclusion.

Hartmut Junker
Vice-Chargé de Presse

Photos: Vice-Chargé de Missions Werner Widmann and Bernhard Junker