France - Côme de Chérisey
Paris, November 3, 2020
Former CEO of Gault&Millau
" Côme has joined the Bailliage of France as a member of the National Council "

Côme de Chérisey is the man who saved the Gault&Millau guide by transforming its business model and getting back in touch with its roots by focusing on discovering talented young chefs.

An experienced editor/entrepreneur with a background in lifestyle publishing, he joined the guide in 2011, and soon took it over from the SmartBox group. At that time, the company was losing half of its turnover and people were no longer taking heed of the yellow guide’s recommendations.
Building on his discussions with Christian Millau, Côme de Chérisey decided to reinforce the purpose anchored in the guide’s DNA: discovering new talent.

In 2014 he launched the Young Talents Grant, offering financial assistance as well as media coverage to 65 young Chefs who, thanks to this support, would go on to open their first restaurant. The majority have quickly gone on to win Michelin stars.
Since selling the guide in January 2019, he has spent his time supporting young entrepreneurs by offering investment as well as advice. The sectors he is interested in are foodtech and the production and distribution of exceptional products.

The only criteria are taste and goodwill towards chefs and producers.
Convinced that “eating better makes you better”, Côme has joined the Bailliage of France as a member of the National Council.

Laurent Poultier du Mesnil
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