Malaysia Ladies Cooking Club
Bailliage of Melaka
Melaka, November 27, 2020
What's good for the men is good for the ladies too!
" Members take it in turn to select a theme to cook each month and to create a full menu "

Due to the COVID-19 spike at the beginning of March resulting in my immediate return from the United Kingdom before Malaysia’s whole country lockdown on March 18th life dramatically changed.

The newsletter from President Yam Atallah about not having Chaîne events until there are safe-distancing procedures in place made me stop and think creatively. I thought it would still be possible for fellowship/camaraderie among the Melaka lady members by forming a Cooking Club.

Most of the gentlemen members are already in a previously-formed “Men’s Cooking Club” and other members are predominantly professional Chefs or Hoteliers. Hence I invited the wives of the male members as well as all the lady members to join. To date we have nine regularly taking part.

A private Facebook group as well as a WhatsApp chat group was formed in July when Malaysia’s government lifted the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order).

Our first cooking session, themed “British Affair”, was held on October 19th in the kitchen of Pampas Sky Dining Steakhouse.

Pampas Sky Dining’s restaurant area boasts a 360 degree view of the whole of Melaka. Established in 2005 the restaurant was founded on the dream of serving quality and affordable steaks in a cosy dining setting with great service. Fast-forwarding, Pampas has grown into a household name synonymous with quality. Throughout the years, locals and visitors from every corner of the world alike have become loyal customers. A testament to the food served and the service provided.

The Ladies Cooking Club members meet up every third Monday of the month in Pampas Sky Dining's kitchen. At each session we discuss details of the menu which includes the shopping list and wine pairings.

Members take it in turn to select a theme to cook each month and to create a full menu. Each member is assigned a certain duty and tasks to perform at each cooking session. We have also selected our Chef's uniform to create our identity.

Although we do not have our normal Chaîne events, we are therefore able to keep in touch regularly during these cooking sessions.

Our next one - with a Thai theme - is on December 14th. Naturally, we have two Thai lady members. The menu has been devised and co-ordinated. After this Thai event it will be a Korean menu for which yours truly will be the main contributor.

Best wishes to you all!

Vive la Chaine!

Julie Tan