OMGD Turkey On-line Tasting
November 18, 2020
Featuring Doluca wines and Tangala Peynirleri cheese
" The event was moderated by Sibel Kutman Oral "

Following the very successful on-line live beer tasting event in September, the National Bailliage organized its second live tasting event on November 18th. It featured Doluca Wines ( and Tangala Peynirleri cheese ( Forty-two OMGD (Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs) members participated, each seated comfortably at home.

Founded in 1926 by Nihat Kutman, Doluca is one of Turkey’s oldest wine producers. Currently it’s managed by the second and third generations of the Kutman Family. Over the years Doluca has played a major role in the overall development of the wine industry in the country bringing it to what it is today as well recognized internationally. Their motto is “if you want to create the best wine, you should dedicate yourself”.

The event was moderated by Sibel Kutman Oral. A third generation member of the Kutman family, she is a member of the Doluca board of directors and for over 20 years has been a Chaîne member, currently with the grade of “Professionnel du Vin”.

Sibel decided to select three of their “top of the range” premium wines not yet released in the market. Our members were privileged to be the first to taste these.

Sibel indulged us with the specifics and making of each of these wines in the following order:

1. Doluca Signium, Sauvignon Blanc 2019
2. Doluca Karma, Shiraz & Boğazkere 2017
3. Doluca Alçitepe & Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Each of the participants received on their doorstep three 75 cl bottles of these superb wines fully sponsored by Sibel Kutman Oral. This meant that participants could taste them during the tutored presentation and then enjoy drinking the rest afterwards.

This unique wine tasting was accompanied by a cheese plate containing four different cheeses. Turkish cheese producer Tangala Peynirleri, based in Muğla near Bodrum, was the sponsor. The cheeses were packed in small wooden boxes and sent by the producer cooled in thermo boxes via a courier service to each participant’s home.

At the end of the presentation, Sibel continued with a long Q&A session. She was able to answer all questions, thus extending the event to last close on three hours.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Doluca and personally Sibel for her generosity not only in fully sponsoring the wines but also for giving her valuable time to conduct such a unique live online wine tasting that was enjoyed very much by the participants.

Many thanks also go to Tanagala Peynirleri for sponsoring the cheeses which added great flavours to the tasting.

Mohamed Hammam
Bailli Délégué