Germany On-line Wine Tasting
December 11, 2020
At one table - virtually!
" a first for the National Bailliage "

What should you do in times of the pandemic?

Restaurants are closed. Friends and relatives cannot be visited. The club life is almost down to zero.

Our National Council attempted to answer this question during a special meeting when ideas were shared. The result was that we must use the digital possibilities whilst there was no other way.

The idea: to get our members back to one table - even if “only” virtually - but entirely under the sign of the Chaîne!

It was a great success! 82 participants from Germany and Switzerland accepted the online invitation. They met virtually on December 11th to taste four excellent wines.

The exclusive wine package consisted of four wines from winemakers who are members of the Confrèrie.
- Mario Thürkind Winery, Saale-Unstrut
- Andreas Laible Winery, Baden
- Georg Müller Stiftung Winery, Rheingau
- Ellermann-Spiegel Winery, Rheinpfalz (Palatinate) 

For all digital "newcomers" a test run was offered a few days beforehand by Christina Birth, who works at the Bailliage’s National Office, in order to be perfectly prepared.

Échanson Natalie Lumpp guided us through the 90-minute tasting with charming anecdotes. Then there was time to continue enjoying the wines with new acquaintances.

This on-line tasting was a first for the National Bailliage. However, the subsequent positive response showed that we will repeat this event shortly.

It was nice to have everyone at one "table" again. We very much hope that this will soon be possible again in person.

Karin Deters
Chargée de Presse