Mexico - Silver Awards
Bailliage of Cancun
Cancún, December 11, 2020
A special presentation in Cancún
" It is the first time that the Silver Award has been made in Mexico "

Because of the pandemic 2020 was unique for obvious reasons. However, the Chaîne’s community in Mexico received great news when Bailli Délégué Thierry Blouet conferred the Chaîne Silver Award on both Abelardo Vara and Sergio González.

The Awards were presented during the 50th Anniversary Chapitre of the Bailliage of Cancún held at the Omni Hotel and Villas.

It is the first time that the Silver Award has been made in Mexico. With great pleasure Bailli Délégué Blouet nominated these two great members who have dedicated a great part of their lives to the Chaîne for three decades.

Their involvement in the Chaîne reflects great friendship and mutual respect. Curiously, when Sergio arrived to Cancún to rent a home, Abelardo helped him because he saw a young man with potential. Over time, they met at Chaîne events where Sergio sent congratulations on the experience and quality of food also on the cedar wrap of his cigar.

Abelardo Vara-Rivera started contact with the Chaîne in 1990 first as a Maître Restaurateur and soon after as Bailli of Cancún. Promoted to Bailli Provincial he is now a National Officer; his Board colleagues are honoured to have him as a member of the team.

As well as owning the Omni Hotel and Villas beside the sea in Cancún, Abelardo also owns three other hotels. He has been President of the Cancún Hotels Association for six different terms totalling more than 14 years.

Abelardo is very proud to be awarded the Chaîne Silver Award with the recognition that it brings. When Thierry Blouet told him about the award, he was excited beyond words.

Sergio González also became involved with the Chaîne in early 1990s joining as a Chevalier in 1994. He was Chargé de Missions before taking on and making a fantastic job of the role of Bailli of Cancún.

At 31, Sergio had his first contact with the Chaîne which appeared glamorous and charming. His Spanish grandfather and Chilean grandmother taught him habits of good food and good wine.

Along with his wife, partner and great love Margarita, a taste for gastronomy was shared. Two of their four children are Chaîne members. Margarita passed away in 2019, their Chaîne family gave her a sincere homage and long standing ovation at the next event.

Sergio received the Silver Award with pride. His son, also called Sergio, inducted at the same event was with him. Sergio knows his late wife Margarita would be very proud and happy. The Award and the recognition have a special place in his heart. He says it is a tremendous gift and a great pride for him.

Based on a detailed text by Chargé de Presse Marco Albarran which he wrote in collaboration with Chargée de Missions Pilar Roth