Sweden Grand Chapitre
Göteborg, November 6-8, 2020
Very much worth the wait
" The evening also celebrated the Bailliage of Göteborg's 60th Anniversary "

Finally, after being postponed twice, the Swedish Grand Chapitre of 2020 took place in Göteborg (Gothenburg) in November. A small but happy group of about 50 members and guests participated. Due to the current situation the programme was condensed compared to the original plan.

On Friday evening two excellent dinners focusing on the “regional kitchen” were organized: Fiskekrogen hosted by Lars Ahlström; KOKA hosted by Björn Persson. During the Grand Chapitre both Maîtres were promoted to the grade of Officier Maître Restaurateur.

The venue for the Induction Ceremony as well as Gala Dinner was the Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel. The Induction was held under strict safety precautions using face masks, gloves, extra-long swords and a fixed seating arrangement.

In his capacity as a Member of the Conseil d’Administration, Bailli Délégué Carl Wachtmeister presided over the ceremony. NB. Originally, Thore Sande, Member of the Conseil Magistral and Bailli Délégué of Norway, was appointed to be the Inducting Officer but COVID-19 restrictions prevented him travelling.

For the reception, perfectly-chilled glasses of Champagne were savoured seated due to the regulations. Dinner was a great performance staged by the hotel and its kitchen. The evening also celebrated the Bailliage of Göteborg's 60th Anniversary. The menu mirrored the one served in 1961 albeit slightly adapted to suit modern techniques.

During dinner safety regulations led to all tables having a reduced number of guests, service staff were well kitted out with masks and gloves.

We also had a change of guard when, after many years in office, Bailli Arne Eriksson handed over to his successor Nicklas Werner.

Sunday's farewell luncheon was hosted by Lisebergs Wärdshus and Maître Restaurateur Harald Wållgren. The inn situated at the Liseberg amusement park offers local dishes and produce. Everything from the kitchen is made with the season's finest ingredients, as far as possible they are organic.

Members and guests certainly had a VIP experience in that they were exclusively lunching in the restaurant at the otherwise COVID-19 closed amusement park. The kitchen did an excellent job. Our expectations were exceeded and high Chaîne standards achieved. The wines were of an unusually high quality right through to dessert.

Our 2020 Grand Chapitre in Göteborg was a very much smaller than we hoped for due to the pandemic. However, the mere fact we could arrange it and meet up with friends old and new made the occasion much more memorable. We also noted the members very much appreciated a break from their everyday isolation.

All thanks to Chaîne.

Carl Wachtmeister
Bailli Délégué


1. Goteborg scenic view
2. Dinner at Fiskekrogen
3. Gala Dinner at Radisson Blu Riverside
4. Radisson Blu Riverside (c)