China Dinner
Bailliage of Beijing
Beijing, January 23, 2021
Welcoming in the Year of the Ox
" The backdrop for this special dinner was the luxurious Xin Ming Yuen restaurant "

Bailliage members celebrated a traditional Chinese New Year gathering to welcome the Year of the Ox. The backdrop for this special dinner was the luxurious Xin Ming Yuen restaurant in Parkview Green whose expert service staff pampered us throughout the evening.

The event featured “Shunde” cuisine which is considered the epitome of Cantonese-style cooking. Shunde is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and recognized as a “City of Gastronomy” worldwide. Dishes were expertly interpreted and prepared by Michelin One-star Chef Li Xiang with pairings of mostly Chinese wines curated by our fellow Chaîne member Davide Lupi of China Wines & Spirits.

Our evening started with simple, yet beautifully prepared “small snacks” complemented with Chandon Sparkling Wine from Ningxia. Xin Ming Yuen's master mixologist also created a “Chinese Cocktail” especially for our event. He used traditional Chinese tea as a base combined with more than a dozen liquors and fruit juices.

Once sufficiently warmed up on a cold January night, we took our seats at large round tables in the dining room. The main event featured nine exquisitely presented dishes.


Shund-style baked lobster
Jun’an steamed pork and crispy mud carp patties
Lak Lau braised minced carp
with black fungi, bamboo shoot
Jade Vintage White 2017 - Ningxia, China

Pak Kau roasted abalone, sea salt, pepper
Coral-spotted Garoupa two ways
Sancerre 2018
Lucien Crochet, Loire Valley, France

Pan-fried chicken fillet
mixed pepper, premium soy sauce
steamed white gourd
bean curd with matsutake, wild mushrooms
Santenay (Rouge) 2016
Maison Chanzy, Burgundy

Braised goose fillet
on Chen Tsuen rice noodles
Jade Vineyard ‘Four Seasons’ Red 2015
Ningxia, China

Double-boiled fresh milk custard with taro puree
traditional sugar cane sponge cake
Puchang Sweet Muscat 2015
Xinjiang, China

Goose for the main course is a traditional celebratory dish served in southern China but also a fitting homage to the Chaîne's founding by goose roasters.

A very special treat of the evening was an ample flow of specially blended Chinese white liquor or baiji. Karim Alwadi graciously and generously provided his company's exclusive brand “Kweichow Moutai Baojiun Jiu” for our enjoyment. Available only by special order it is unique by still using the original recipe.

This final touch completed the theme of the evening and allowed us to truly toast in the New Year with our Chaîne family.

Preston Thomas
Vice-Chargé de Presse