Cameroon Dinner
Bailliage of Yaoundé
Yaoundé, February 24, 2021
A reunion to start the year
" A real treat for the taste buds "

To launch its 2021 programme the Bailliage organised a dinner on February 24th on the terrace of the Boun’s Hotel, a newly-built 4-star hotel right in the centre of Yaoundé, overlooking the An 2000 intersection.

We welcomed around 40 guests, representing ten different nationalities, and included ambassadors, hotel managers and influential business men and women.

Alongside the traditional formality of the meals enjoyed by the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, there were three surprises to brighten up the evening:
- Bailli Délégué Chloé Balanos was given an exquisite bouquet of flowers to thank her for all her work raising the Chaîne’s profile
- an impressive delegation from the Douala Bailliage attended the event
- that same evening, we celebrated the birthdays of two friends of the Chaîne.

As this was the first meeting of the year the aperitif took longer than usual, under the watchful eyes of the staff who were making sure that anti-COVID-19 measures were being followed.

For the dinner itself, the Chef and his team replenished the tables throughout the evening: from the “Cream cheese and smoked salmon cheesecake” starter to the “Gourmet duo: Papaya and coconut mousse with dark chocolate fondant” dessert, with “Roasted Limbé king prawns à l’armoricaine with risotto”, “Giant African threadfin à la florentine, polenta slices”, and “Grilled beef fillet with Penja white pepper” and “Dauphinois potatoes and green bean parcel” in between.

A selection of wines was served with the meal, followed by Champagne, a symbol of celebration, for dessert, to round off the evening.

A real treat for the taste buds to satisfy everybody’s appetite until our next meeting.

Chloé Balanos
Bailli Délégué

Editor’s note: Boun’s Hotel
The founders of the Boun’s Hotel brand come from a Franco-Cameroon family with a real connection to the country. Entrepreneurs through and through, they are united behind their shared vision: a philosophy based on diversity, an unwavering motivation driven by the love of what they do, a commitment to excellence based on 15 years in the hotel trade and a spirit of self-sacrifice that relies on their faith.

Three founders, two generations, experience, ambition and savoir-faire. Boun's is the result of some incredibly hard work combined with a tireless quest for unique, elegant materials and supplies. The hotel rose from the ground in spite of many unforeseen circumstances, and thanks to the crucial support of local talent.