OMGD China Dinner
Bailliage of Shanghai
Shanghai, January 23, 2021
An Italian journey
" La Scala, a stylish feature of the Sukhothai Hotel Shanghai "

After our last delightful Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) event that led us on a tour of France, this time we embarked on a culinary journey through Italy. We held our event at the casual upscale Italian Restaurant La Scala, a stylish feature of the Sukhothai Hotel Shanghai.

Members followed strict entrance procedures, according to the Chinese government’s regulations for gatherings during a time when a few COVID-19 cases were found in the city.

However, nothing could stop the passionate attendance at this exclusive party of 45 members and guests. And what a party! Eight-course Italian contemporary dining, plus eight finely selected Italian wines at a Michelin-star restaurant located in the heart of Shanghai.

The reception started at the Urban Lounge - North to South in the Sukhothai Hotel, right outside of La Scala. Ruggeri Prosecco DOC and three exquisite canapés (18-month San Daniele ham; Stracciatella di bufala cheese; pistachio and vitello tonnato) were served as members enjoyed great company with lots of laugher.

The creative menu was specially prepared by Chef Antonio Corsaro. His culinary team truly took La Scala’s epicurean offerings to new heights, crafting a memorable gourmet experience for all the guests and discerning gastronomes.

Vice-Échanson Xavier Pignel-Dupont prepared an in-depth presentation on not only the eight wines but also their history, taking us through an amazing Italian tour. Members listened to his informative presentation while tasting the wines, combined with eight contemporary Italian delicacies


Starter - “Napoli Heritage”
Polpo alla Luciana (Luciana octopus stew)
Slow-cooked octopus, tomato, capers and olives
Alta Mora Etna Bianco 2018 - Sicily

Intermediate - “Roma style”
Seared Hokkaido scallop, leek, artichoke, olives sauce
San Felice Ancherona Chardonnay 2017 - Tuscany

Soup - “Tuscany Rustic”
Tuscan acquacotta, Swiss chard and potatoes
Les Crêtes Petite Arvine 2016 - Aosta Valley

Pasta - “Roma la dolce vita”
Paccheri pasta
Coda alla Vaccinara (Roman braised oxtail)
Rosso di Montalcino 2017
San Giorgio Ciampoleto - Tuscany

Fish - “Guazzetto alla Livornese” (Livornese stew)
Seared black cod, parsley
Lugana Brolettino 2016
Cà dei Frati - Lombardy

Meat - “Milano”
Braised ox cheek, potato puree, wild mushroom
L’Alberello Bolgheri Superiore 2015
Grattamacco - Tuscany

Dessert - “Veneto”
Vanilla parfait with chestnut mousse
cinnamon meringue
Moscato Passito Oro 2007
La Spinetta - Piedmont

All dishes were superbly prepared and well presented. Each paired with a fabulous wine, praised by everyone.

It was an amazing evening to remember with fondness. Much appreciation was given to Chef Antonio, his hard-working team and the service brigade.

Where will our next culinary destination be? The Bailliage is planning it. Our members are eager to meet again soon.

Vive la Chaîne!

Michelle Yi Sun
Vice-Chargée de Presse