Finland - Ravintola Savoy
A legend from its inception
Gastronomic delights looking out over the rooftops of Helsinki

The Savoy has witnessed marriage proposals and some separations. War plans have been made and glasses raised for peace. Companies have been founded and bankruptcies filed. For almost 80 years the restaurant has celebrated life’s rich tapestry. Today, The Savoy continues to embody this celebration!
By 1932, prohibition in Finland had ended and so people were once again keen to have fun and enjoy life. Finland's largest industrial company at the time decided to have built a new business and office building. The 7th and 8th floors were reserved for restaurant and conference purposes. These facilities are today still occupied by The Savoy, which first opened its doors to the public on 3 June 1937, has been a legend from its inception.
The Savoy's current philosophy: every day is a taste feast!

“To us a feast means embracing the dining experiences in daily life by experimenting with new, exciting taste combinations, enjoying excellent wines and spending time together with friends. The ambiance of the restaurant is further enhanced by live music, as every day a professional pianist plays our grand piano”, says Restaurant Manager Toni Niemi, Maître Restaurateur.

The Savoy’s Chef, Chef Rôtisseur Olli Kolu, explained, “At The Savoy you can taste food at its best, made from local organic products, and see for yourself how in the summer we grow fresh herbs in our terraced garden to enhance our culinary delights. You can also experience the atmosphere where our energetic kitchen team creates unforgettable delicacies”.

In addition to Chef Kolu, Maître Rôtisseur Kari Aihinen, one of the most famous chefs in Finland, is the kitchen brigade’s dedicated manager.

“For quite some time now The Savoy has held the Chaîne Professionals’ plaque. This plaque represents the traditions, quality and value epitomised in our restaurant. At the same time, we are also promoting Finnish culinary culture and The Savoy institution at international level. I wear my Chaîne ribbon with pride and promote the concept to our staff”, Aihinen enthused.

Design at the Savoy
The Savoy is a significant part of the history of Finnish design. The aim was to create an intimate restaurant overlooking Helsinki. Indeed, to Scandinavians the restaurant still feels very pleasant and intimate. The secret of The Savoy is its timelessness through its simple, clean and functional style which has remained in vogue for decades without appearing in any way archaic.

Warm welcome

The Ravintola Savoy warmly welcomes all friends of fine dining to come and explore its fresh culinary philosophy in this legendary milieu!

Initial text prepared by Stana Porvali, Vice-Chargée de Presse of the Bailliage of Helsinki, and translated from the original Finnish by Syntacta Translation and Syntacta Translation & Interpreting (Swindon, England)

Photographs and information: Ravintola Savoy, Royal Ravintolat Oy and photographer Sami Repo. Additional photographs by Stana Porvali appear in the gallery.