Norway - Roar Hildonen
Restaurateur with 35 years' experience
Passionate about his profession, foremost in his field

A restaurateur with 35 years’ experience Bailli Roar Hildonen is co-owner and General Manager of the restaurant To rom og kjøkken (Two rooms and kitchen) having previously owned and run several other restaurants in the city.

The seasonal menu is based on the Trøndelag region’s diversity provided from the sea. Inspiration from Mediterranean cuisines accentuates each ingredient’s unique qualities.

How did he arrive at To rom og kjøkken in 2005? A very good question and we are delighted to share Roar’s journey with you.

Over the years he has gained a unique experience in food and beverage operations. Roar is acknowledged as one of the foremost in his field through his engagement in food and beverage forums, tourism, recruitment and promoting local produce. His articles have been published in industry magazines. Furthermore, lectures as well as radio and TV interviews have enabled Roar to communicate his passion for his profession and be a visible role model for aspiring restaurateurs.

Theory into practice is demonstrated clearly at To rom og kjøkken. The journey started in 2005 with 10 members of staff and now in 2016 there are over 30 full-time employees helping to make To rom og kjøkken one of Trondheim’s best restaurants.

The recipe: passionate about the profession; being open to amazing experiences; investing in lots of hard work; having a vision as to what makes a great eating out experience; being prepared to invest in getting the right employees as well as their vocational training so that quality, standards, innovation and knowledge can be fed back into the development of the restaurant.

Passionate about personal development, Roar encourages his employees to participate in competitions. He sets the pace and having gathered a large collection of awards he is an excellent role model for how stretching one’s abilities pays dividends.

Since 2009 Roar has been Bailli of Trondelag, a local Bailliage which has grown to having over 200 members, at least 50% of whom are also members of the Ordre Mondial.

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