Denmark - Jorgen Krenk
Appointed Bailli Délégué in March 2016

Chancelier Jorgen Krenk has been promoted to be Bailli Délégué of Denmark.

He joined the Chaîne in 2012 as a Chevalier with the Bailliage of Turkey. Returning to his native Denmark in 2013 he first became Vice-Chancelier of the Bailliage of Selandia before being promoted to Chancelier when Mette McIsaac became Bailli Délégué. When Mette decided for family and professional reasons that she needed to stand down it was perhaps logical that Jorgen took her place.
With a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in his pocket from the University of Aalborg, Jorgen joined Nokia in 1992. In a series of postings with Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia Networks/Cellular Systems he has worked, principally in project management, in Stockholm, Dallas, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, and Istanbul.

Once again in Copenhagen he is currently Project Management Office Lead & Director with responsibility for corporate level special projects and improvement programmes which brings assignments worldwide, e.g. Japan, Germany, Australia, Indonesia.

Looking to the future of the Bailliage of Denmark, Jorgen commented that it is undergoing a revitalization after a decline in membership numbers. As organic growth will be too slow he is proposing step function improvements.

In this respect several paths of action are currently being taken:
- Sponsorship drive (five sponsors have already been signed up) as this provides the financial capability to execute other development activities.

- Membership drive of known prospects from the immediate network of National Council, friends and family.

- Professional membership drive with prospects invited by exclusive personal letter.

- Refresh the Mission Statement, website, and general information flow to members.

In appointing Jorgen as Bailli Délégué the International Board of the Chaîne expressed its complete confidence in his abilities developed in his professional career to successfully project manage taking the Bailliage of Denmark forward to new heights.

As well as being reassured by having the full support of the Bailliage’s National Council, Jorgen said that in his new role his wife, Paula, a Dame de la Chaîne is also going to be an invaluable source of inspiration “from the ranks” as it were. He confided that she was a most important sounding board without whose support the task would certainly be more difficult!

Marie Jones
International Vice-President